Splatter Guard

Perfect Life Ideas Announces Great Discounts on Splatter Guard

Helps owners save money while keeping their kitchens clean


South Bound Brook, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- Perfect Life Ideas has announced a mouthwatering deal on its specially created Splatter Guard where users can get 50% off on the regular price.

All home owners want to make sure their surrounding are kept clean. It's particularly true of their kitchens, which according to many, say a lot about them. But what happens when one has to use those electric mixers or other hand held devices to mix things? The ingredients splatter all over the place, leaving kitchens in a mess that has to be cleaned up later.

This smart Splatter Guard assures users that now it's possible for them to nip the problem in the bud and avoid this problem completely. This guard can be used with all types of mixing bowls that are up to 11.75 inches in diameter. Thus it is versatile enough for people's regular kitchen needs. It makes sense to use it with electric mixers and other hand held tools that are used for mixing.

As mentioned earlier, this guard has been designed keeping users' needs in mind and has a transparent cover. As a result users can see how things are progressing while the ingredients are being mixed. It also has unique Silicone Flexible tabs at center that allows almost all handheld and table mixers through. Thus people will not be limited with their choices of options to use while mixing things.

There are several applications of this guard, which can also be used as a splatter cover while cooking. Thus users won't have to deal with the annoying mess that ruins the look of their surroundings and is tricky to get rid of later. The ergonomic design has a stilted centre, which allows one to pass a stirrer or serving spoon while things are being cooked. It certainly claims to have an edge over the regular guard used to stop splatter in microwaves.

This guard is dishwasher safe for user convenience and can be stored away easily too. What's more, in the new offer brought out by Perfect Life Ideas it's available for 50% off regular price.

About Splatter Guard
It is a guard that works with mixing bowls to avoid the mess caused by food splattering in the kitchen.

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