Gravity Reverse Facelift

Online Retailer Reveals Chemical, Surgery-Free Face Lift Alternative

Innovative towels and headbands use counterweights to combat effects of gravity.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- It is fairly safe to say that most female consumers are receptive of age-defying products. Though there are a compelling number of products on the market most of them contain chemicals and can be costly to use in the long run – and that excludes options like surgery which carry their own risks and costs.

Long-term costs, risks, and the use of chemicals are all challenges that Gravity Reverse – the company behind the Anti-Gravity Face Lift line of products – are overcoming with their newly-launched solutions. Each product works on the simple principles of friction and gravity, using specially-designed headband and turbans to reverse the force of gravity and draw the user's facial skin upwards rather than down.

According to testimonials found the retailer's website ( results have been noted in as little as a few weeks. The website features images of the product's initial model, Kim, as well as the company's official spokes-cat, Pishi. Complete details of the product line, as well as further testimonials and ordering information can be found on the Gravity Reverse website. Interested members of the media are invited to visit or contact the company directly. Consumers are encouraged to check out the products as well, and in the words of the product's creators: "Get your RAWR back and you're always on the catwalk!"

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