Releases New Survey About Important Factors in Credit Repair Companies

A new survey highlights factors potential customers look for in credit repair companies


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2015 -- (BCRC) released a new survey about the most important factors potential clients look for in credit repair companies. The BCRC team released this survey to get a better understanding of potential credit repair clients and their needs.

"What's important to customers, is important to us," BCRC PR Director Kate Ward said. "We want to make sure we are listening to customers' concerns when it comes to credit repair companies."

The survey asked the question to 1,000 participants: "What is the most important factor you look for when signing up with a credit repair company?" The answers to the survey and their relative percentages are as follows:

Low Monthly Prices-25.9 percent
BBB Grade-25.5 percent
Fast Results-21.9 percent
Number of Negative Reviews-16.3 percent
Licensed Attorneys on Staff-10.3 percent

The top two responses were low monthly prices and BBB grade, with a difference of less than one percent. The results are almost too close to call to decide which response is the clear favorite.

The survey highlights the two most important, even interchangeable, responses. Price is an important factor for those looking for credit repair services. Potential customers want budget-friendly fees in order for them to sign up for a company's services. Low monthly prices are necessary in order to attract more customers.

The other top response, BBB grade, shows that customers are concerned about a high BBB rating. They are more likely to choose with a high BBB grade as opposed to one with a lower rating.

Many credit repair companies can take advantage of customers and a higher BBB could indicate a more trustworthy company. It's clear that potential customers are concerned with a company's BBB rating when it comes to credit repair companies.

"The BCRC review team wants to help customers find the best credit repair company for them," Ward said. "This survey provides new insight for the team and the site as a whole."

About provides unbiased reviews of credit repair companies. Combined with real customers reviews, potential clients are able to get an honest representation of a company.

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