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Charismatic Speaker Pens a New Book That Guides Women Along "Road of Un-Singleness"; Compelling Them to Take Back Power & Create Mindset for Lifelong Love

Crafted from the heart and experiences of Rodney Pauley, ‘21 Thoughts of the Successfully Un-Single’ will help any woman draw the strength, self-awareness and focus they need to receive a mate for life. In a world where millions of women hope for more and settle for less than they are worth, Pauley’s time-proven strategies will uplift them to a place where they can regain their power to make decisions and build a life blessed with true love.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2015 -- There's no way to sugarcoat it – too many women spend their entire lives hoping and waiting for that perfect love, and then ultimately settling for less than they deserve. Through his esteemed work with ministry, Rodney Pauley has seen the effects of this injustice first-hand and, inspired by an epiphany during a recent religious fast, is now on a mission to change it.

His life-changing new book, '21 Thoughts of the Successfully Un-Single', puts an end to a culture where women are searching for what they shouldn't be looking for, moving them to a life enriched with true love and unsingularity.


Every single woman wants to be in a relationship. Every woman that is in a relationship wants that relationship to culminate in a wedding. Every woman that is married wants to know how to stay married. This book is to be a guide that all women will look to that will give them "tools" that that they may employ that will assist them in their quest to be and remain Un-Single.

This book will first give women an opportunity to be introspective about themselves. To do a self-assessment. In doing this assessment it will give them a picture of how the people whose attention they seek to garner may see them as opposed to how they see themselves. In gaining an insight as to how they may be perceived there are also 21 THOUGHTS that women should keep themselves mindful of as they traverse the road to Un-Singleness.

"I was pushed to write this book by divine inspiration," explains the author. "It was a feeling of obligation to repay for all that I had received from so many special women. Women that were looking for the "Key". The Key to getting a "good" man, the key "Keeping" that man happy and in their life. This book is for them."

Continuing, "I have always wanted peace for all women, and the book will allow them to create a positive new mindset through which they can find the mate they never thought they would. The best analogy I can give is that it affords them an opportunity to take a perfect fresh canvas and sketch upon it the images that will reflect the light in their lives. By regaining their power and ability to make decisions, there is nothing they cannot achieve."

Pauley sees wide appeal for his work.

"There isn't a woman on the planet who hasn't, at some point, wished and wondered about finding a mate. The epidemic of settling for less knows no cultural boundaries, and women the world over will be able to change their lives through twenty-one simple lessons I have spent a lifetime accumulating," he adds.

'21 Thoughts of the Successfully Un-Single', from The Book Patch, is available now: http://bit.ly/1FNYjKe

For more information, visit the volume's official website: http://www.unsingle21.com

About Rodney Eugene Pauley
Rodney Eugene Pauley, as an athlete, a businessman and a minister, has experienced the highs and lows that life has served to us all. Mr. Pauley is an admitted "Country Boy" that loves life and the people in it. Mr. Pauley's mantra or personal ethos is "That everyone that his life is allowed to touch, experience a better quality of life by having known him." It is out of that desire that Un-Single was written. Mr. Pauley has a passion, is motivated by his desire and is on a mission to change lives by ministering, motivating, encouraging and empowering others to believe the best in themselves.

In writing this book the author is not looking to "educate" women about manipulative people and their schemes that would take volumes. This book is about women being in tune with themselves enough to know what "feels" right in a potential or existing relationship and what doesn't. This book is about developing the strength and wisdom to confront, communicate and construct solutions to issues or developing the strength to walk away when it doesn't feel right.