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David Janssen: Our Conversations: Series Sheds Fascinating New Light on Life of Hollywood Icon; Told Through Memoirs of Close, Non-Celebrity Friend

While Michael Phelps (not the Olympic swimmer!) was a military veteran and law enforcement expert, he also had another hugely-rewarding and little-talked-about facet to his life:- being a close friend to Hollywood icon, David Janssen. Thirty-five years after Janssen’s sudden death, Phelps unravels his life story, told through conversations they shared together over fifteen years. ‘DAVID JANSSEN - Our Conversations: The Early Years (1965-1972)’ and ‘David Janssen: Our Conversations: The Final Years’ form the most comprehensive and intimate biography of Janssen ever released, from a man through which the actor held no secrets.


Miami Shores, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2015 -- Millions know and love David Janssen for his role as Dr. Richard Kimble in ABC's 'The Fugitive', and a subsequent career that produced forty-four feature films, over twenty made-for-television movies and fans in every corner of the planet. In short, he wasn't a man to hide from the limelight.

But few knew Janssen like Michael Phelps did. Ironically not a celebrity, Phelps and Janssen forged an unshakable friendship that, during the last fifteen years of Janssen's life, allowed Phelps to hear his entire life story through open and honest conversations that symbolized their bond. Phelps is now releasing those conversations, through a series of two books that will enlighten anyone interested in the world of entertainment.

'DAVID JANSSEN - Our Conversations: The Early Years (1965-1972)' and 'David Janssen: Our Conversations: The Final Years' take readers deep into Janssen's relationships, career and the darker moments of his life that have never been heard about until now.


'DAVID JANSSEN - Our Conversations: The Early Years (1965-1972)' - In this book, we learn how the author, Michael Phelps, and David Janssen first met. We are soon made aware of problems between David and Ellie – ultimately leading to a bitter, drawn out divorce. Professionally, we see him growing tired, thus resigning from his role as "The Fugitive" in favor of trying out for the big screen – enabling him to have the best of both worlds: time to work and time to relax. He goes on to assume many roles but, during his time on the set of "Where It's At," he meets Rosemary Forsyth. They were both going through a divorce and end up falling in love. As seems to be customary with the relationships David had with women, his relationship with Rosemary falls apart. After some time, he reconnects with an old friend, Dani Greco, who was going through her own divorce and they soon become an item. "At the point where The Early Years ends, David Janssen appears to be on top of the world. Life seems to be going his way and it's wonderful to see the smile on his face.

'David Janssen: Our Conversations: The Final Years' - Despite their on-again, off-again courtship and his desire not to get married, David allowed Dani Greco to take control of his finances. In his professional life, he becomes Harry O - interjecting a lot of his own real-life eccentricities, endearing him to his fans even more. He went on to assume various roles in 12 Made-for-Television films and 6 Feature films between 1974-1979. We are introduced to Carol Connors, a singer and songwriter David met while collaborating on the song, 'My Sensitive, Passionate Man,' during a lengthy separation from Dani. He seemed to have found true happiness and had no interest in hiding his relationship with Carol. However, Dani controlled his finances, causing him to feel trapped. Living alone in his Malibu Beach home, David quietly explored the cost of a divorce and learned he would not lose everything. At a time when he likely felt the greatest sense of inner peace, the huge hand of fate brought everything to an end. "DAVID JANSSEN ~ Our Conversations is a heartfelt tribute to a beloved Star, still adored by millions of fans around the world today.

"Janssen had, and still has, millions of adoring fans around the world. These books are for them, offering insight into a man whose personal life was as exciting and tumultuous as the characters he played on screen," explains Phelps who, after an esteemed career in the military and law enforcement, has seen his literary collaboration with Janssen's wife sell over two million books. "But he was quite an enigmatic man, and I'm proud to be one of just a few people who got to know him on a deeply-personal and almost brotherly level."

Continuing, "During our conversations, David told me things that nobody else knew. While I've naturally been selective to retain his dignity and privacy, I am able to share information that is being taken public for the first time. Readers will turn the last page of the second book with a renewed appreciation for a man that Hollywood will never produce ever again."

Since their release, both volumes have garnered a string of rave reviews.

For example, one critic comments, "Outwardly, it appeared that Janssen had it all: he was a very famous man who always (it seemed) had a gorgeous woman on his arm, he was incredibly wealthy, and was an acknowledged master of his craft. But appearances can be deceiving. Michael Phelps, a close friend and confidante of Janssen, tells the unvarnished story of a talented, decent man who also had significant problems with alcohol and his relationships with women. But these two volumes are not the kind of generic "gossip" or "hit pieces" that have become too common these days. Mr. Phelps gives a balanced account, good and bad, of a complex and popular public figure who left us much too soon in 1980 at the age of 48. The author was obviously trusted by David Janssen and this well-founded trust caused the actor to open up in ways that celebrities rarely do."

Both volumes, from Blue Line Publishing House, are available now:

'DAVID JANSSEN - Our Conversations: The Early Years (1965-1972)' - http://amzn.to/1za2xab

'David Janssen: Our Conversations: The Final Years' - http://amzn.to/1aWUDM0

For more information, visit the author's official website: http://www.michaelphelpsnovels.com

About Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps – the writer, not the young Olympic Champion, is a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force – Military Police Combat Defense Forces (Vietnam), having enlisted just before his 17th birthday.

After his service with the Air Force, Phelps was a Law Enforcement officer for seven years. In 1965, Mr. Phelps moved to Los Angeles, working in Security for a major hotel chain.

After one year in Los Angeles he relocated to his favorite city, New York City. There he became engaged in Executive Recruiting for major International firms. In September of 1972 he relocated to Miami, Florida, to escape the harsh winters of New York.

In Miami, he served as the Individual Co-trustee for a multi-million dollars trust of an Hungarian Nobleman, Count Tassilo Szechenyi. After the Count's death in April of 1988, Mr. Phelps was engaged as Chief Investigator for a prominent Coral Gables law firm, specializing in Criminal Defense.

While working for the law firm, he co-authored David Janssen – My Fugitive with the iconic actor's first wife, Ellie Janssen. The title went on to sell in excess of 2 million copies between hardcover and paperback editions world-wide.

Upon retiring from the law firm in 1996 he chose to embark on the challenging career of being a writer. He created the MIKE WALSH DETECTIVE NOVELS, with each title in the series based on actual cases he worked while employed with the law firm.

Happily-divorced, Phelps splits his time between his home in Miami Shores and New York City with his faithful German Shepherd, Rico der Hunter III.