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Aged Insurance Leads Are Now Offered by Benepath


Newtown SQ, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2015 -- Insurance agents work on commission. To ensure they have an acceptable income, all leads are viable options worth considering.

"Some insurance agents take exception to others who use aged leads. While that is a personal choice, aged leads are actually worth considering as another option to pursue potential customers," says Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, "Aged leads can range from 3 days old to 90 days, but they are still a good option compared to the more expensive real time leads. They are also less expensive."

Less expensive leads offer an agent a greater return on marketing dollars, provided one works aged leads diligently. They do not sell themselves any more than real time leads do, as all leads need to be worked. But one of the greatest advantages of working aged leads is that potential clients are no longer receiving calls from up to ten insurance agents a day. "By the time an agent starts working aged leads, they stand a better chance of actually having a conversation with someone who does not hang up on them when they find out an insurance agent is calling," Green adds.

The point to remember is that even if a lead is aged the person who filled out a form on the Internet to ask for a quote, or further information on a certain product, is likely still interested. However, since names may be sold as common Internet insurance leads, up to ten agents may receive the same names.

An overwhelmed potential customer might just stop answering the phone and hope the callers go away. Up to 90 days later, should an agent working aged leads make a call to one of these potential clients, the reception may be a great deal more cordial. Aged leads may just convert later as they do not feel as pressured.

Working aged leads does take a special knack and a certain presence of mind in terms of marketing a product the lead asked about. Any objections can be overcome by knowing what products are available, what carriers have deals, how to tailor a policy to the lead's requirements and by providing good customer service. Aged leads also have a much more relaxed tone and pace for both agent and client.

"We find it's the human touch that sells," points out Green. "An agent who is personable, knowledgeable and has a sense of humor often finds that sales come easily. One-on-one conversations over the phone or in person are seemingly so rare now, with all the latest technology, that if an agent makes it a point to be present when and where he or she is needed, in person, the sales follow."