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A to Z Pet Care Launches Feed a Stray Campaign to Help Stray Pets Find Much Needed Food

AtoZPetCare.com has created a new initiative in which abandoned, homeless and stray animals can get ready access to nutrition, to prevent them starving on the streets.


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2015 -- For as long as humans have been civilized they have kept pets, nurturing members of the animal kingdom in exchange for their companionship and loyalty. Pets are hugely popular, but a small number of owners are unable to take care of their pets, and these inevitably become strays without a home to go to. At risk of starvation and illness, these pets live a life of neglect. A to Z Pet Care helps people take the best possible care of their pets, and has now launched an initiative to help stray animals get a much needed meal. The Feed A Stray campaign has just been launched in a special section on their website.

The site, which regularly publishes pet care advice and inspirations, on anything from early potty training to purchasing customized dog bowls, has created the initiative to help pets who don't have owners like those who frequent the site.

The initiative encourages individuals to feed stray dogs and take a picture, sharing through social media with the hashtag #feedastray and emailing the picture to A to Z Pet Care, with a story of how they found the animal and succeeded in feeding it.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness of stray animals in wider society and help to create a culture in which these animals are cared for as opposed to ignored or even abused. The most encouraging stories will be shared on the website as part of the campaign.

A spokesperson for A to Z Pet Care explained, "This is something any pet owner or animal enthusiast can do. It takes so little just to have an extra can of dog or cat food in the house, so that if a stray is spotted nearby they can offer them a meal. We take care of our homeless through donations and charitable deeds, and we need to do the same for stray pets. These animals have been abandoned, often abused, and don't know how to look out for themselves without an owner. The Feed a Stay Campaign will help them get a new lease of life. We believe together we can make a difference"

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