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Fit Food Launches New Program to Help Create Healthy Lifestyle Revolution, Eliminating the Need to Cook

Fit Food has created a new program that delivers gourmet quality meals to the door, nutritionally balanced by experts to give people the healthiest fuel for their fitness goals.


Vaughan, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2015 -- When people are trying to get fit, many fail to realize that nutrition is responsible for nine tenths of progress. Without the right nutrients, the body cannot repair, replenish, adapt and grow. Following and devising a diet that contains all the nutrients required for optimal performance is virtually impossible. The sheer amount of grocery store shopping, preparation, cooking and imagination it takes to keep meals varied and nutritious is overwhelming. Fortunately, Fit Food has the answer.

Fit Food has created a new service that pairs every client with a Nutritional Concierge, who adapts meal programs to meet the needs, tastes and preferences of each individual. They will take into account people's lifestyle objectives, whether it be managing weight, increasing fitness or gaining muscle, and tailor programs to fit.

The client will then receive freshly prepared gourmet meals delivered to the door, stuffed full of flavor and nutrients to guarantee the ideal balance of carbs, protein and nutrients. What's more, it saves on grocery shopping, meal planning, recipe research, preparation and cooking. Just heat up and eat.

A spokesperson for Fit Food explained, "This is not a diet product, it is a lifestyle product. Entrepreneurs, business leaders, working moms and dads have one thing in common- time is at a premium, and getting back time from food prep is a gift. To be able to do that while still eating delicious, healthy food in the comfort of your own home is what most would consider the ideal. Add to that nutrients designed to make your body better than ever, and you've created Fit Food. We look forward to being able to work with more clients than ever now the product is available online."

About Fit Food
Fit Food gives aims to provide users with an easy and realistic way to have it all, in the comfort of their own home, through providing great tasting, fresh and nutritious gourmet meals delivered to the door. Every Fit Food dish is made from the highest quality ingredients and packaged in convenient, air-tight containers. Meal plans are devised with a Fit Food Nutritional Concierge, a professional health and nutrition specialist who will help you every step of the way. For more information please visit: