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Inversion Helps! Publishes Up-to-Date Reviews of Inversion Tables; Aids in Research

To eliviate chronic back pain and other conditions, publishes reviews to assist consumers in their purchases


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2015 -- According to information recently released by the National Institute of Health Statistics, back pain is the leading reason cited for disability in Americans under 45 years old. In fact, more than 26 million Americans ages 20-64 report experiencing frequent back pain. With the ever rising cost of health care, an increasing number of patients are seeking alternative care that will keep them out of the doctor's office. One such approach to controlling, even eliminating chronic back pain is the use of inversion tables. Dave Carry, spokesperson for Inversion Helps ( stated these tables are an inexpensive alternative to expensive treatments that are often lacking in effectiveness.

Says Carry, "Whether your back and joint pain stems from a life of physical labor, a car accident or medical condition, the results are still the same. It hurts, and it's miserable. It can, and often does, affect your quality of life. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way. When you use an inversion table, it gently shifts your vertebrae back into position, taking pressure off the nerves, which is why you feel a sudden swell of relief."

The tables, quickly growing in popularity are plentiful in the marketplace, but this abundance only causes confusion for many consumers. Carry explains, "There's a huge variety of inversion tables and inversion chairs on the market today. From the Iron Man Gravity 4000 ( to the Exerpeutic Stretch 300 table, there's something for every person and budget. But, because of this, if consumers try and do all the research on them by themselves, it would take scores, if not hundreds of hours. Our site, on the other hand, makes it much easier by sharing our experiences and expert advice regarding the full range of inversion devices."

All of the tables on the market today are manufactured in China, says Carry. "Naturally, this doesn't necessarily mean the table is cheap or of low quality. In fact, Chinese manufacturing is improving all the time, and many of the tables are quite robust and of high quality. However, the industry is dominated by a few major brands, and all offer a variety of models to choose from. These models range from very basic tables in the area of $100, to highly advanced tables costing a few thousand dollars. On average, a decent inversion table will cost about $200."

To help consumers with their purchase decisions, Inversion Helps! ( has published up-to-date-reviews full of complete buying information. Carry confirms, saying, "While it's different for each person and it depends on your personal weight and height, the next considerations are a design with a small 'footprint' so that it doesn't take up a huge amount of space, and a unit that is relatively easy to put together. We help consumers find the right one for them."

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