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Underwater Safaris Expands List of Regular U.S. Virgin Islands Dive Sites

With even more to offer than before, top diving company jumps still further ahead of the pack, guiding clients to region's most striking and little-known underwater spots, Underwater Safaris reports


St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2015 -- Scuba diving specialist Underwater Safaris announced an expansion of its list of regular dive sites to cover even more of the U.S. Virgin Islands' top diving destinations. With the newly expanded list of standard dive sites, Underwater Safaris extends its lead as the top company for scuba diving in St. Thomas and the U.S. Virgin Islands in general, providing fun, safe, memorable experiences to divers of all experience levels. In addition to guiding divers to the most beautiful and fascinating underwater destinations in the waters around St. Thomas, Underwater Safaris offers up a number of popular diving classes and certifications taught by the region's most experienced instructors.

"We're proud to say that we're now able to offer our valued clients even more options than before when it comes to exploring the marine beauty of the U.S. Virgin Islands," Underwater Safaris representative Sean Smith announced, "From the hulking, 360-foot-long wreck at Wit Shoal to the incredible sights around Cartanza Seniora, Underwater Safaris guests are guaranteed to enjoy the best that this world-class diving destination has to offer."

Since its founding in 1985, Underwater Safaris has been one of the Virgin Islands' most respected and accomplished scuba diving companies. A strong, consistent emphasis on training and attention to detail have produced a safety record that is unmatched by any competitor, with U.S. Coast Guard-inspected dive boats piloted by licensed captains shuttling divers to their destinations.

All Underwater Safaris diving instructors are highly experienced and certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), the world's leading organization of its kind. In addition to guiding divers to the most exciting underwater destinations around the U.S. Virgin Islands, Underwater Safaris instructors also lead the region's most extensive range of PADI scuba classes, conveying everything from basic pool-based scuba training to the specialized techniques used when diving in open water at night.

As one of the world's top scuba diving destinations, the U.S. Virgin Islands has an incredible selection of sights and experiences to offer to visitors. By expanding the company's selection of regular dive sites, Underwater Safaris ensures that the vast wealth of what the whole region can provide will now be at the service of the company's clients.

That includes the nearly 400-foot husk of the Miss Opportunity, a submerged World War II-era hospital barge that still contains tables and chairs left over from its second tour of duty as a job placement office in downtown Charlotte Amalie. Many divers find the sights of another sunken barge just outside of Charlotte Amalie's harbor equally fascinating, with swarms of stingrays and a giant barracuda making frequent appearances.

Thanks to Underwater Safaris' recent expansion of its list of standard dive sites, these experiences and many more are available as a matter of course to those who dive with the company's instructors. All of the many top dive sites and famous destinations that make scuba diving in U.S. Virgin Islands so rewarding and popular are accessible through Underwater Safaris, along with the best certification classes and Scuba Diving Lessons in St. Thomas for guests of all skill levels.

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With a thirty-year history of fun, safe, affordable tours and classes, Underwater Safaris is the top scuba diving company in the U.S. Virgin Islands, providing personalized service and instruction to guests of all skill levels and goals.