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Meet the Web Developer Who Works for Free – Extinguishing Reputation of Industry Known for "Burning" Clients

California-based Tom Litchfield is going beyond the usual “free consultation” offered by his web development peers, taking on everything from setting up WordPress websites to cleaning infected servers without charging a dime. Why? According to Tom, “It’s a totally trend-bucking way for me to help nonprofits and legitimate small businesses who have been burned by greedy web developers in the past.” Litchfield currently has openings for more pro-bono work, and is urging any interested parties – particularly registered nonprofits – to get in touch.


Penngrove, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2015 -- Every organization and business owner has had to swallow one of the newest and often largest expenses of keeping profit flowing in the twenty-first century: web development. But it's not exactly an industry blessed with an angelic reputation; development costs often soar to $800 an hour for work that doesn't reflect the fee, and developers themselves are notorious for abandoning their clients as soon as the next project comes along.

But not California's Tom Litchfield, a throwback maverick who has embarked on a novel yet totally legitimate strategy for repairing his industry's reputation – by working for free. He's not just talking about a short consultation or ten-second tinker – but doing everything from setting up entire WordPress websites, plugins and even clearing up the mess left behind by viruses without charging clients a cent.

"My focus is primarily on nonprofit organizations, as well as bona-fide small businesses – two groups at huge risk of being over-charged and in some cases blown off (after paying a hefty bill, of course) by web developers out there to make a fast buck," explains Litchfield. "I'm actually rolling my sleeves up, digging into their code and carrying out work that I would usually charge an hourly rate for."

Continuing, "It's my way of repairing our industry's reputation and forging hopefully long-term relationships with clients who are as honest and above-board as I am. I can't think of any better way to showcase the skills of what a seasoned web developer can do, while providing genuine help to those whose online presence provides their livelihood."

Litchfield is currently cleaning up about one infected website a week, while educating organizations on the very real risk posed by technology's boom.

"Every day I speak with small business owners who have had their websites hacked, often multiple times in the same year. Some of these people are frustrated to the point of tears, cannot afford the high fees usually associated with getting their website running again, and risk losing total faith in the web development industry. Helping them is hugely rewarding for me and is often the start of a close, long-lasting relationship," he adds.

While going out of his way, Litchfield is keen to stress that this offer is a short-term solution designed to provide organizations with vital work at the point of need. It is not designed to allow people to bypass hiring a web developer, and priority will always be given to nonprofits.

Litchfield plans to carry out his pro-bono work for as long as his schedule permits. With slots filling fast, those interested in learning more are urged to make contact without delay.

For more information on the program, visit: https://techiesecrets.com/get-immediate-help-for-free

About Tom Litchfield
Tom has a formal background is in programming and database management, but he describes himself as a problem solver at heart. He has a passion for using technology to solve business problems and improve process efficiency.

Tom has served a diverse group of clients, from financial services giants such as Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. and Bank of the West (subsidiary of BNP Paribas), to international nonprofit and bilateral organizations that aid Indigenous communities, trafficking victims, at-risk children and families from North America to Southeast Asia.