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Jack's Wild Ride: Thrilling New Novel Sees Wealth, Tragedy & Redemption Collide - Can a Narcissist Really Reverse His Ways?

Masterfully crafted by Mark C. Michelson, ‘Jack’s Wild Ride’ is a unique and compelling coming-of-age story, where the tumultuous protagonist is far from the perfect man. Jack Mitchell’s existence is suddenly turned upside down, happiness comes to an abrupt halt and picking up the pieces could well take a lifetime. Join Jack as he turns from a high-flying lawyer into a hated narcissist. Will he ever find himself yesterday?


Eagan, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2015 -- Life has a reputation for throwing people curveballs when they least expect them – or need them. For some it's a momentary panic, for others it's something that could change their lives forever. For the protagonist in Mark Michelson's gripping new novel, that curveball could well take him to hell and back.

There's nothing conventional about 'Jack's Wild Ride', a coming-of-age story unlike anything currently on the market. Few books dare dive into the uncertain and rocky world of narcissism – but protagonist Jack Mitchell can't escape it. He's become that narcissist.


This is the story of Jack Mitchell, Shannon Shay Stevenson Mitchell, Bobby Mitchell, Rita Mitchell, Denise Mitchell, Jack Mitchell Jr., Mike and Jerry Young, Tally Stevenson, Gina Anderson, Leslie de Incampo Smith, Susanne Giancanna Johnson, Gayle Redman, Diane Lee, Abby Santos, Carla Marta, Candace Marie Novak, Kelly Ronson, and Jenny Brown. You will see many others as well.

Jack is living the world of a rock star with his wealth and good looks. All these characters and more will play a role in Jack's Wild Ride. They will take Jack on a wild ride he never thought existed, at least for him. After all, he worked for a belts and suspenders law firm at one time. It will be a long hard ride full of pitfalls, ups, downs, and laughs. When money is unending, so is tragedy, and his world is crumbling. What is a man supposed to do?

Enjoy this funny, sad, tragic, and dramatic story of a trip from boy to man to upstanding man to a drunk and strung-out promiscuous narcissist who only cares about himself and then him coming back to earth later in life as Jack becomes the man he should have been all along.

Please join Shannon, Bobby, Rita, Denise, Diane, Mike, Gina, Jerry, Carla, Talley, Abby, Leslie, Suzanne, Gayle, Dr. Kelly Ronson, Jack Jr., and many others in this humorous tale of Jack Mitchell's life. This is story of wine, money, women, and drugs in Jack's world, and after tragedy, he must find the perfect woman.

"My book pulls no punches when taking readers deep into the chilling mind of someone who is a self-serving narcissist; a personality type everyone hates and would do anything to avoid becoming," admits the author. "Jack is so riddled with grief and lack of direction that he can't avoid it, and he's totally unaware of what his actions are doing to others."

Continuing, "The narrative is a fun romp through this lost man's life, and readers will need to hold out to see how he redeems himself. I hope they turn the last page with fresh perspectives on their own lives and their interactions with others. Hold tight!"

Michelson hopes to turn this first volume into an ongoing series and, with demand for the book increasing, interested readers are urged to get started on it without delay.

'Jack's Wild Ride', from Xlibris, is available now: http://amzn.to/1JHrDDD

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About Mark Michelson
Mark Michelson grew up in Los Altos Hills, California. He was married for twenty-two years to a woman, Lois, who died of cancer. He has one daughter, Samantha. He now resides in Eagan, Minnesota, with his girlfriend, Tina. He graduated from Mission Sylmar with a degree in paralegal studies. He is a certified paralegal. He practiced for twenty-three years. He wanted to write this book in his forties but could not find the time until he hit fifty.

Jack's Wild Ride is his first novel. He is presently working on a second, Drug Mule, for next year.