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Brigid's Power: In Gripping Second Volume of 'Moonlite' Series, Maverick Teenage Protagonist Explores Newfound Magic Powers

Masterfully crafted by Maria Valenti, ‘Moonlite (Brigid's Power)’ continues what has proven to be a thrilling series, as a lonely and frustrated young girl suddenly gets gifted with magic powers she didn’t know existed. But, unlike so many books that deploy magic to the ghoulish delight of dark forces, young Brigid is determined to use hers only for good. Join Brigid and Merlin – whose spirit is in a black cat – as they explore the world of magic with gusto.


Lawrence, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2015 -- Nobody will admit to not wanting magic powers, and all of the excitement that would come with such unique abilities. In her celebrated new 'Moonlite' series, author Maria Valenti has granted this power to a young girl who least expected it.

The series kicked off in July of 2014 with its first volume; an edge-of-the-seat introduction to Brigid and her unique life.


A young, lonely teenage girl, about to enter her college years, decides to move to Salem, Massachusetts with her eccentric Aunt. She finds out about magic she never knew existed, meets friends she never had, and encounters the spirit of a historical figure who will lead her to her destiny. From the beginning to the end of the story she will find her purpose in life.

After such a positive response, Valenti is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of volume two, aptly titled 'Brigid's Power'.


The story takes place in Salem, Massachusetts. Brigid now has a newfound power and begins to use it very carefully. She has two loyal friends. One of her friends, Jesse, she is madly in love with. She will use her power in good use with the help of Merlin, whose spirit is in a black cat. She is determined to put an end to Jasper's evil side.

"Brigid literally had no idea that her magic existed until she met her wild and eccentric aunt. This volume is a continuation of that saga," explains Valenti. "She is now living with her while studying at college, and witnesses her aunt practicing good magic under the full moon. She gives Brigid a quartz crystal with very strong power. Her aunt uses a crystal ball one night and lightning hits the ball only to bring the spirit of Merlin into a black cat. Want to know what happens next? But the books!"

Continuing, "This series definitely has universal appeal, as so few books see people – especially youngsters – use magic in good ways. I hope this positivity rubs off on my readers."

Volume one garnered a string of rave reviews. One Amazon customer comments, "I liked it, it reminded me a bit of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a show I watched when I was younger."

Gianina Mannarino adds, "Loved it. Looking forward to reading the second book."

'Moonlite (Brigid's Power)' is due for imminent release.

Purchase volume one, today: http://amzn.to/1b0jHlB

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