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Shira Esthetics Announces Spring Skincare Products Available


Kenilworth, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2015 -- Rising temperatures and higher humidity levels means that spring is—and soon summer, will be at an individual's doorsteps. Also, something great about the arrival of warmer weather is that an individual's skin won't be subject to the harmful effects of the bitter winter cold. However, that is not to say that people should quit moisturizing and protecting their skin. In fact, spring is a time in which any person should take time to revitalize his or her complexion. To help individuals get their skin feeling healthy once the cold has subsided, Shira Esthetics is pleased to announce that they have three spring-appropriate skincare regimens available.

Those who are looking to buy an organic skin care product that will help get rid of those dead skin cells caused by winter's wrath can use Shira's Shir-Organic Pure AHA Treatment Scrub. This product is currently available for $38.00 and is compatible with all skin types. People who use this product to exfoliate will not only find that their skin's texture and tone will be improved, but that they will be stimulating new skin growth.

Two other products that will help an individual with attaining his or her springtime look is Shira's Shir-Organic Pure Apricot Moisturizer available for $48.00, and their Solar Energy Sun Care SPF 30 that is available for $28.00. People with normal or dry skin will find plenty of benefits in using their Shir-Organic Pure Apricot Moisturizer. Not only will it give the skin some much-needed nutrients after a long winter cold, but it aids in restoring elasticity. For individuals that spend a lot of their time enjoying the springtime sun, their Solar Energy Sun Care SPF 30 not only helps keep the skin hydrated and protected, but it can be used under makeup.

Individuals trying to buy organic skincare products from an exceptional company should turn to Shira Esthetics. Shira offers a wide inventory of organic and natural products that will leave anyone feeling like new. To hear more about the company and see all of the products that they have available, please visit their website today.

About Shira Esthetics
Founded in 1990 by Sara Nezaria, Shira Esthetics specializes in developing innovative skin care treatments for professionals in the beauty industry. Their products contain the finest organic and natural ingredients, as well as advanced cosmeceuticals. Their skin care products incorporate rare trace minerals from the Dead Sea. Collections today utilize natural ingredients such as Azulene, Sea Weed, and Chamomile. With products sold in 2000 spas across the globe, dermatologists, estheticians, and beauty schools have used Shira's advanced and innovative collections.

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