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Primal Gym Hosting MMA Training Classes on Select Weeknights


Hamilton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2015 -- Operating out of a new gym in Hamilton, NJ, Primal Gym has announced their schedule and hosting of MMA training classes on select nights during the week. Their training programs are led by certified instructors that teach the most effective and innovative styles and disciplines in the fast growing sport. Training is scheduled Monday and Wednesday nights from 8-9 pm at the premier gym for MMA, right in Hamilton, NJ.

With classes for beginners and advanced students of MMA, the conditioning will help assist in reaching particular goals. As a complete fighting system that helps students develop a variety of skills in their combat, all who attend the weeknight classes will learn the art associated with all tactics. From striking to ground fighting to submission holds, grappling, and takedowns, the endurance of all students will be tested. In the ultimate fighting experience, students will assess their strength and conditioning, as well as work with their speed and flexibility.

If looking for a more personalized experience, their private intense training (PIT) includes MMA or a fitness boot camp located near Trenton and other cities in central and south New Jersey. These trainings can be scheduled at a convenient time for the student, and can be completed at the gym or from the comfort of one's own home. Learn the skills, combat tactics, and disciplines that take performances to the next level.

When interested in learning the techniques of MMA from certified instructors and develop the most effective tactics, contact Primal Gym for a free trial lesson. There is also a kids program that assists in their development of discipline, physical awareness, and coordination. Youth classes are Saturday mornings at 8 am. Get in the best shape in preparation for summer through their intense and complete training classes. Visit the website for more information and to view their schedule of upcoming seminars.

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All training programs at Primal Gym deliver highly-effective, integrated, multifaceted training programs to help individuals achieve their personal martial arts, fitness, and sports performance goals. Training includes Traditional Martial Arts, Modern Martial Arts, Combat Sports Training, Youth Programs, Fitness & Personalized Training. Primal Gym is located in Lawrenceville, NJ.

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