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Boosters Incorporated Remembers the Classics – Spirit Shakers


Montgomery, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2015 -- Booster's Incorporated has been an industry leader in spirit for more than fifty years. Today, their products support and cheer on teams and companies of all kinds nationwide! While the company has grown over the years and moved to the forefront of the spirit field, it has never forgotten its humble beginnings. While Booster's serves customers nationwide, it remains a locally-owned family business, taking pride in craftsmanship each and every day. Looking back, it all started with the first item in their inventory - the original Booster Badge with a football sticky top which became a classic spirit item since that fateful year of 1962. From these humble beginnings, Booster's "spirit" was founded and expanded into other classic spirit items such as spirit shakers.

Paying homage to its beginning and "those good ole days," Booster's is bowing to nostalgia and remembering one of the classic ways for fans to cheer on their favorite teams – Spirit Shakers! Give us a "Rah Rah Rah!!!" Booster's colorful and customizable spirit shakers represent one of the longest-standing, classic cheer products. Also known as rooter poms or pom-poms, cheerleaders and fans alike have used these lightweight and eye-catching products since the 1960s, at every type of sporting event large and small, and their popularity has never waned. When fans and players picture the ideal stadium, gymnasium or bleacher, they envision them full of people, young and old, waving their team's colors and cheering loudly. That's the most encouraging scene for a player walking onto the court or field, and spirit shakers are an easy and affordable way to bring it to life.

Booster's rooter poms come in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be customized to include team names and logos. Their Printed Solid Tab Shakers come with a small customizable tab that helps keep the spirit shaker close at hand and under control – decreasing the chances of that rowdy fan or excitable kid accidentally hitting their neighbors while cheering. Fans will also enjoy the company's Klakker Pom. This spirit shaker is not only customizable, but comes with a built-in noisemaker for some absolute fun - and for those fans whose voices may begin to fail in the last minutes of the game!

Whether cheering on the sidelines or in the stands, bring the spirit and the noise with Boosters Incorporated's rooter poms! Fans young and old can show their spirit with this classic item, knowing that they are keeping the spirit and tradition of boosting their team's confidence alive! Visit Booster's website today to see their wide variety of spirit shakers!

About Boosters Incorporated
Boosters Incorporated was founded by H.D. Parks in Montgomery, Alabama. Since opening its doors in 1962, the company has made every effort to serve all the printing needs of its customers. After inventing the original Booster Badge in 1962, the company took off! The original Booster Badge quickly became a classic spirit item that would help children raise money for their schools. Suddenly, teams and children from all over the nation turned to Booster's for their school spirit supplies, and it has never stopped! Even though the company supplies Booster products to schools throughout the nation, it remains a family-owned and operated in Montgomery, Alabama completely committed to serving all of its customer's needs nationwide - 100% satisfaction guaranteed each and every day!

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