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Thrilling, Genre-Bending Novel Explores Lives of a New Breed of "Terrorists" Who Refuse to Give Up Their Freedoms, Would You Submit?

Masterfully crafted by Misty Coplen, ‘Terrorist’ takes readers into the near future, after a nuclear weapon has destroyed the United States’ electronics infrastructure and created a new culture of chaos. Everyone is now mandated to be micro-chipped, and those refusing will not only be branded a terrorist, but they’ll likely pay with their life. Christianity and Marshal Law collide, as a group of mavericks refuse to give up their liberties. This is their story…


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2015 -- Nobody will deny that the threat of Islamic Terrorism has once again rocketed to critical levels. But comparatively few have stopped to think about what would happen if they created a nuclear weapon, how it would ultimately change society, and how it would boldly redefine Christianity.

In a compelling and thought-provoking new novel, Misty Coplen mixes all of these elements up into an intense cocktail of intrigue. Just hold still, readers; it's time to be micro-chipped.


Set in the near future after an Electromagnetic Pulse from a nuclear weapon detonated above the U.S.A. has destroyed all electronics and a wave of suicide bombing Jihadists across the nation has created fear and chaos. Anyone who refused to be implanted with a microchip for GPS location, identification, and security is considered a subversive and thus a terrorist in the new world order. Anyone not complying is hunted down and sent to a facility for "re-education" and is never heard from again. Wes is a jailor who begins to question the reason these "terrorists" are being hunted, tortured, and killed.

He begins to see cryptic messages appearing around the bodies and hears an inner voice at times warning him and giving him guidance. Rachelle was a Christian who was captured for not taking the microchip and she is eventually freed by Wes when he realizes she is not actually a terrorist. She befriends another guard named Peter and her story and influence gradually leads him to see that Christianity has the answers to his inner struggle against capturing and killing these so called terrorists. He turns against the Facilities and chooses to become a Christian himself. Peter does not realize that the fight is spiritual and he wants to destroy societies evil facilities and physically fight.

"While of course fiction, the narrative boasts strong congruence to everyday life," explains Coplen. "Spirituality clashes with good and evil, against the backdrop of society's response to pure evil in the United States. See it as a fictional rebuttal to the wave of Islamic terrorists currently engulfing the world and, while they ultimately want "death to America", Americans are already losing their quality of life through the stripping of freedoms our tightening security results in. This dilemma forms a huge driving force behind the narrative."

Continuing, "Millions fear that the terrorists' capabilities will become more aggressive, even possibly leading the United States to dissolve itself into a state of Marshall Law. See this book as a warning; if we ever did go as far as micro-chipping, life for those who refuse could become a literal living Hell. Want to know why? Buy the book!"

With the novel's demand set to rapidly increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies without delay.

'Terrorist', from Booktango, is available now: http://amzn.to/1OaMjEw

About Misty Coplen
Misty Coplen lives in Arizona with her spouse and child along with their dog pipsqueak.