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Daddy's Girl: First Volume in 'The Adventures of Peanut' Series Invites Children to Join African American Girl & Discover Her Fun, Inspiring World

Masterfully crafted by Martha Rucker, ‘The Adventures of Peanut: Daddy’s Girl’ is a culture-defying new ten-part children’s book series that is full to the brim with positive learning experiences. In volume one, kids meet Peanut and begin to learn about the people, places and experience in her world. By the end of their adventure together, young readers will have new and uplifting perspectives on topics including fear, unconditional love, cultural differences and dignity.


Fort Mill, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2015 -- While the literary world is gradually opening itself up to diversity, the children's book market is still flooded with stories where young white males are the protagonists. Author Martha Rucker is bucking all trends to prove that African American girls can also be any child's new literary best friend – and her upcoming book makes its point with gusto.

'Daddy's Girl' is the first installment of what is planned to be a ten-part series titled 'The Adventures of Peanut'. Peanut and her readers will grow and learn together, uncovering a host of pertinent life lessons along the way.


In book one we will learn about Peanut, meet her family and go on discovery adventures with her. We will learn with her as she learns about the people, places and things in her world.

The youngest of three children, Peanut is the only girl. She lives in the country with her mother, father, grandmother, two brothers and an aunt. Peanut is an affectionate name given to her by her father. No one else calls her by this name, so she feels it's her father's way of letting her know how very special she is to him.

"Each book will address a series of themes that transcend gender, race or any other kind of social segmentation," explains Rucker. "This first volume focuses on introducing her family. In later books, fear, hurt, unconditional love, differences between one another and the important power of dignity will be addressed. Each narrative wraps up with a very positive series of lessons that will resonate with young readers long after they have turned the last page."

Continuing, "It's ultimately about allowing children to explore, discover and join Peanut in her adventures. Each book will build on Peanut's life and allow children to learn more about her. I deliberately chose to have a young African American protagonist because, although the literary world won't admit to shying away from diversity, you really don't see this demographic taking center stage very often. I'm out to change all of that!"

As Rucker admits, the character of Peanut is very close to her heart.

"She is actually based on my God grand-daughter, who is as inspiring and energetic as Peanut herself. Our experiences and memories together have laid the foundation for the entire series. So, I guess you could say that someone as unique as Peanut really exists!" she adds.

With demand for this first volume expected to be high, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible after launch.

'The Adventures of Peanut: Daddy's Girl' is due for imminent release.

About Martha Rucker
Martha Rucker is a retired art educator, artist and now writer. She moved to New York City as a young teenager and attended Junior High and High School there. She won a scholarship to The Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) where she received an Associate Degree. After earning her BA and MA from The City University of New York (CUNY) she obtained a job teaching art in elementary school in The Newark Public School System in New Jersey. In teaching her students collage she used one of characters from Peanuts as a sample. She went on to develop her own unique style of collage. http://martharucker.format.com