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CRT ViewPoint Is Offering Customer Surveys on Tablets


Coventry, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2015 -- Proving themselves to be one of the prominent names in providing customer feedback solutions, CRT ViewPoint is now offering customer surveys on tablets that will enable individuals to capture data for staff, customers, patients and visitors. There are various benefits of using tablet surveys. It provides a method of evaluation that is different than face to face interactions, providing customer experience feedback in a similar way to how a mystery shopper might report back. The mobile nature of tablets means that surveys related to home visits, round-table surveys, store greeting and field work can be completed easily. It does not require additional data input. Data collection is automated through tablet surveys.

The touch screen survey allows easy use of the survey software application. This further guarantees CRT's Valid8 for data integrity. It also helps to get feedback round-the-clock. The company also provides on brand surveys which are designed bespoke to individual requirements. With the strategy used by the company, every demographic is captured uniquely such as browsers, non-buyer and visitors to categorise users and collect different information.

Talking more about the company, CEO, Simon Rowland at CRT stated, "ViewPoint, our customer experience technology integrates with a range of tablets - including iPads. Our service enables you to self-serve utilising our web-based ViewPoint Research Control Software (RCS), or alternatively we provide managed services – where we can look after every aspect of your market research or data capture project."

About CRT ViewPoint
CRT is one of the UK's leading providers of real time customer feedback systems. They have developed a multi-channel customer experience survey and feedback system known as ViewPoint. This platform, complete with Valid8™ - which assesses the human interaction with the survey - enables our customers to capture 'point of experience' feedback, with a volume and high quality of data hitherto impossible to achieve. Their partners include; IBM, Toshiba, Ipsos MORI and the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) and with them CRT is revolutionising the way private and public sector organisations collect and use customer experience data.

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