My Identity Doctor Encourages Women to Retain Healthy Vision Throughout Their Lifetime


Lakewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2015 -- April is Women's Eye Health and Safety Month sponsored by Prevent Blindness America. They encourage women to stop smoking, maintain a healthy and nutritious diet and exercise regularly to prevent obesity and diabetes which can result in eye complications. Eye disorders can happen to anyone living anywhere in the world. There is not one segment of society that is immune, or one geographical location where the people are more likely to encounter vision problems.

A representative from stated, "At My Identity Doctor, we encourage others to participate in the active prevention of disease and actively maintain their good health. Vision is no different. There are many diseases of the eye that if left untreated, can cause blindness. Some of these conditions might be treated simply with eye drops or even vitamins. It's important to schedule an annual checkup with an ophthalmologist to protect one of the most valuable assets – your eyes. We also encourage people to wear medical alert jewelry in case of eye disease or some other condition they may have. Medical alert jewelry for women and men is not only a good idea, it's also stylish. Women's medical ID bracelets are important because if an emergency happens and they aren't able to talk about their condition, the medical personnel will be able to identify the condition by the medical alert jewelry."

Importance of Vision Screenings

Macular degeneration is a type of glaucoma and can be treated by vitamin therapy. Especially in the case of women who undergo hormone or steroid treatment, vision problems can occur as a result of these drugs. Some medical interactions can even cause blindness. Regular vision screenings will help reduce anxiety and keep eyes healthy for a lifetime.

My Identity Doctor specializes in stainless steel medical jewelry like women's medical ID bracelets and medical alert jewelry for women and men. They know that easy to read, black engraving is the most important for your safety. By wearing a medical ID tag, you are ensuring prompt, accurate medical attention. Paramedics and medical doctors are trained to be aware of medical ID tags and their existence ensures that you will be treated immediately with no risk of error or a misdiagnosis. offers extremely resistant stainless steel medical jewelry for men, women, and children that holds up to everyday wear and tear.

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