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Symbiotic Fitness Publishes Review of the Latest Beachbody Fitness Regimes and Launches Their Fit for Life Challenge Symbiotic Fitness has given in depth and expert reviews of three new Beachbody regimes, and has started their own Fit For Life Challenge to ensure longevity in health for their members.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2015 -- Beachbody programs are entering their busiest time of year, as people feel summer coming and want to get in the best shape possible ready for the beach months. Symbiotic Fitness has been successfully coaching people to a better body for years, and has now reviewed the latest Bodybeast, P90 and Piyo workouts to help people get to a good level of fitness from home. This only the first step however, as their Fit For Life Challenge hopes to ensure people don't lose the progress they've made.

Their reviews of Bodybeast, P90 and Piyo are independent, comprehensive and deeply insightful. Each review looks at the unique selling points and special features of each program from the point of view of its target audience, and provides a recommendation in the broader context of the competition, ensuring everyone knows which program is best for them.

This is just the beginning however, as their own Symbiotic Coaching Team is undertaking the Fit For Life Challenge. Launching the challenge, the coaches at Symbiotic described the need for a lasting fitness revolution in which these programs are only the start, not a one-use miracle cure.

A spokesperson for explained, "So many people can stick Insanity for the 60 days it takes to transform people into a lean fitness machine, but then feel like the mission is accomplished and soon fall back into old habits, losing their fitness and health gains and going back to a slovenly lifestyle. The Fit For Life Challenge is designed to help people convert these astonishing transformations into lasting change, creating a lifestyle that will give people more energy, more quality of life, and longer life to boot. Visit our website today and sign up for the Fit For Life Challenge."

About Symbiotic Fitness
Symbiotic Fitness was created by David & Kate Ingram, who are 15 & 2 Star Diamond Independent Beachbody Coaches. Symbiotic Fitness, as well as the Symbiotic Coaching Team. They lead by example, helping others achieve their goals while having fun along the way, all in ways the coaches themselves have experienced and have proven successful. One of the fastest growing Beachbody coaching teams, they are passionate about positively influencing lives through their Fit For Life Challenge.

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