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Max Hair Studio Brings to India the Best Hair Restoration Procedures

Max hair has made hair restoration affordable and viable for the common man and brings that latest in clinical technology to offer the best hair replacement procedures in India. The company employs reputed hair technicians with extensive experience in restoration procedures and laser surgeries.


Nungambakkam, Chennai -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2015 -- Max Hair offers naturalistic solutions that are completely concealed

Micro grafting has now been replaced with state-of-the-art low level laser technology that works at the cellular level to activate the dormant hair follicles and brings them back to life. It can efficiently address both male and female pattern baldness and naturally restores bald patches with thicker hair giving a full scalp coverage. Hair loss is a sign of ageing and can often lead to depression and social withdrawal for some. Max hair gives permanent results by working closely with every patient. Androgenic alopecia is a genetic condition that causes permanent baldness and cannot be treated with over the counter medication and potions but can be accurately treated using max hair rejuvenation system.

Max Hair surgeons offer tailor made solutions that are specifically designed to address the unique problems posed by every patient. A multidisciplinary approach, collaborative efforts and versatile technology give promising results even for those who did not respond to earlier treatments elsewhere.

The broad spectrum of services offered at Max Hair are inclusive of but not limited to the following techniques:

Hair Loss is a serious issue affecting both males and females and it drastically affects the appearance while going from bad to worse. Hair loss can be hereditary, a result of hormonal imbalance, or increasing stress. Every treatment type at Max Hair is determined only after accurately diagnosing the root cause. From replacement procedures and transplant surgeries to hair fiber products and undetectable hair systems, none of the procedures have side-effects and look 100% natural.

Hair Building Fiber is a revolutionary technology that works within 5 seconds and replaces thinning hair instantly with natural and dense hair growth. It contains charged keratin that triggers immediate hair growth from within and is proven safe and effective.

Max Hair Volumizer adds volume and density to thinning hair and prevents hair loss. This technique is custom designed to suit the skin tone, complexion and hair texture for a perfect blend. It does not employ any harmful adhesive and is extremely easy to maintain.

Max Hair Extensions are developed according to the unique needs of every patient and can increase hair length up to 22 inches, and impart a truly natural appeal. The best way to get beautiful long hair without compromising on the lifestyle.

Visit Max Hair Salons for the latest in hair cut, color, & salon services. The company also offers safe and effective professional hair care products at competitive prices.

About Max Hair
Max Hair is the Indian edition of the US based Max Hair Studio and has been successfully running since a decade. The company offers tailor made hair restoration solutions for both men and women and employs the latest replacement techniques.