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USA's No. 1 Hair Solution Brand Now in India – Max Hair

The renowned and reputed Max Hair studio of USA now extend its services to India with Max Hair Chennai. Having garnered the repute of being the best in the industry, Max hair studio now brings its high-end technology and international procedures to India. It offers long-term hair replacement solutions that look truly natural and stunning at competitive prices.


Nungambakkam, Chennai -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2015 -- Say goodbye to hair loss with Max Hair Studio

Max Hair studio offers instant hair restoration solutions to deal with hair loss, thinning hair and balding patterns. The salon offers both surgical and non-surgical alternatives for both men and women. Every solution at Max Hair studio is tailor made to blend with the existing tone and texture of hair for a natural look.

People suffering from hair loss often end up using all types of hair loss shampoos, potions and pills prior to seeking expert advice. Even after spending a huge amount of money and using countless ineffective products, people do not lose the hope to restore their former hair growth. But in the process, they cause all the more damage to existing hair follicles that are subjected to harsh chemicals and hazardous substances.

The first step to preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth is an accurate diagnosis. The course of treatment can only be decided by tracing the root cause of the hair loss and this calls for expert knowledge and experience in the field of hair replacement and restoration.

Max hair studio employs medically proven methods and designs a custom-made treatment plan for every patient only after performing an extensive study of the patient's medical condition. The expert surgeons at Max Hair studio analyse the various factors that may interfere with the treatment process and only after determining that the client qualifies for a particular procedure, do they start the treatment process.

Max Hair Studio's Spectrum of Services encompass:

- Hair loss treatments
- Hair styling solutions
- Hair transplant
- Max hair laser therapy
- Hair fiber
- Medical hair systems
- Hair extensions
- Hair volumizer

All these treatments can be used singly or in combination depending upon the severity of the problem and the extent of hair damage. However, there many factors that need to be taken into consideration before settling for any one. This helps in ensuring a positive outcome and eliminates the possibility of side-effects. Max hair studio combines breakthrough technology and trusted techniques to give clients guaranteed results. Come to max hair studio and reverse hair loss problems for a lifetime.

Max Hair Studio specializes in hair surgery services for both men and women. For appointments call 91-9032510000.

About Max Hair
Max Hair is the Indian franchise of the very famous Max Hair Studio USA and employs patented technology to address hair loss and hair thinning problems. The company offers proven treatments in a world-class environment and is backed a team of trained and skilled hair technicians.