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MDV: Florida's First FAA Approved Drone Training Academy Launching…"Do It Yourself 333 Exemption Roadmap"


Dade City, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2015 -- Micro Drone Vision (MDV), Florida's first Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved drone training academy, today announced the launch of a new do it yourself 333 exemption road map. The roadmap will be a fill in the blank exemption, along with the operations and training manuals guiding the participants through the procedures and tools required to manage and reduce the risk while operating unmanned aerial systems.

Speaking on the occasion, Justin W. Newcomb, President of Micro Drone Vision Inc. said, "The cost for the average person to get assistance writing a 333 exemption was out of reach. We felt there was a do it yourself niche being ignored. That's why we have taken this new initiative to empower those who can't afford to pay 15-30K to get a company to write their exemption but still want to fly legally."

Micro Drone Vision has already been approved for their 333 FAA exemption and is known for being the first FAA commercially approved UAS training academy in the state of Florida.  The exemption approves Micro Drone Vision for drone usage in the fields of agriculture, flight training, demonstration flights, real estate photography, videography and film & movie production. This training course is a great way to incorporate the drones in one's business as these are instrumental in helping those that save lives have less risk of losing their own lives.

According to the sources, the unmanned experts at MDV provides their clients with various UAS training courses to enable maximum targeting of knowledge, skills and provide complete understanding of relevant aspects of UAS basics, maintenance, operations and tasking. The organization has plans to work first responders in the near future, in order to save people from dangerous situations.

A spokesman at Micro Drone Vision said, "MDV started a year ago when we saw an opportunity to be a part of something that would be a game changer when it came to the aviation field. With UAS "drones" we can have the ability to save lives without first responders risking their own. Safety is in everything we do, and we carry that through the education and training we provide as well as the solutions we create for other companies."

About Micro Drone Vision
Micro Drone Vision is a collection of wisdom that incorporates over 45 years of aviation, 40 years of education, and 25 years of commercial production experience to create a guiding light for educators, entrepreneurs, corporations, and individuals in all facets of the UAS industry.

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