Calvin Devericks Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce Expressu to the World


Midland, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- Calvin Devericks is the creator of expressU, a social media platform that promises to be more interactive than the rest. Calvin has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $300,000, and make expressU a reality.

Calvin Devericks is all set to introduce expressU to the world. expressU aims to introduce tons of exciting features such as a donations button for charities, video mail, friend ticker and picture collage. expressU will be more interactive compared to any other social media site, because we keep our members well aware of all the social media activities of their closest friends and family.

Some of the most noteworthy features of expressU are:

-Donations Button: This unique feature will allow users to donate money to their favorite charities using their expressU account.

-Friend ticker: This advanced feature will allow users to continue what they are doing while viewing the latest notifications that scroll across the bottom of the screen.

-My Calendar: This feature can be used to organize events, invitations, and important appointments.

-Colors and Fonts: Users will be able to customize their profile page with new background colors. There will also be new fonts added that members can use when making posts.

-Security Pin: To keep all posted content secure, expressU has added a Pin system for logging in. This system, coupled with the password, was implemented to make our members feel more secure in their activities on our site.

-U-mail: This feature can be used to send private video emails to people. This will completely eliminate the need to post videos to YouTube or your public news feed.

-Picture Collage: This great feature takes the place of your cover photo. Now instead of one picture you will be able to express yourself with many photos at the top of your profile page.

In order to complete this project in the best possible way; Calvin Devericks is looking to raise $300,000 via Indiegogo. This campaign will end on May 31, 2015. Proceeds from this Indiegogo campaign will be used to take care of the following expenses.

- $75,000.00 for the development of the site.
- $145,000.00 for leasing a building, purchasing computers, software, and funds to hire and pay employees.
- $60,000.00 for a marketing campaign.
- $20,000 to retain legal and accounting counsel.

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About expressU
Want to connect to your friends and family in new ways? Then you want expressU as your social media site. expressU will bring you exciting features such as a donation button for charities, video mail, friend ticker, and a picture collage. We have told you about many of our new features, but these are not the only ones we have. We are dedicated to making your online social media experience fun and interactive in a number of different ways; and that is why we are still hard at work fine tuning other social gems. We will always innovate and work hard to ensure your experience is the best. We are expressU and U matter.