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Saudi Songstress TamTam Finally Unveils Her Latest Heartwarming Song – Rainbows


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- Arab pop music, with its melodious tones, rhythms and heartwarming lyrics – can help people discover that in the middle of every worst case scenario, there's always a flickering light of hope shining which makes life worth living. With the power of what music can do, this have encouraged the rising pop star from the Middle East, Tamtam, to be firm with her dream to make Arab music the strong voice of women in achieving equality and freedom in a world where gender inequality still exist.

The strong uphold of this Saudi Songstress towards women's rights can be seen in her numerous Arabic music video uploaded in YouTube and several video sharing websites with lyrics that bears noble emotions and deep meaningful experience as a Saudi woman whose rights were deprived. According to Tamtam, her native land was widely criticized for its treatment of women in general, but she is grateful for what her country have provided her which made her deeply value their traditions. And releasing her anthemic song entitled, Gender Game is only a call to action for women to stand up for what they believe they deserve; to empower and encourage people to understand one another's perspectives and not to reject them. She strongly believes that having freedom is like having to make their own choices without anyone to interfere.

For people who have come across with the name of this rising Saudi Songstress, TamTam is a singer-songwriter from the Middle East and is now based in Los Angeles, California to share her deep love to music and ever support to women's rights. Her vocal prowess is a bit similar of that Adele's and Sia's acid jazz vocals but is rich and feisty in musicality. However, what makes her unique from other contemporaries is that she resonates more deeply with her music as this was cultivated by the rich combination of cultural and social themes – most likely a cultural paradox of blues, pop and Arab music. And her influence as a musician is more on empowering the women in the global community by letting her music speaks to the many social challenges that every woman in the world has to face.

Aside from her songs like Little Girl and some few covers, recently, she released her latest song from her Gender Game EP entitled 'Rainbows' which can now be downloaded in iTunes. This was composed and arranged by the singer itself with a message for all the women around the world that they should hear. It might not be the danceable track listeners might be expecting but this song will help people realize that like rainbows, every person is entitled to have their own spectrum of light; to make choices and decisions on their own in a good way.

And if you want to hear more of Tamtam and her latest music "Rainbows", you can visit her pages and follow her latest updates at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud; and don't forget to subscribe to her YouTube page which is TamTamSound.

About TamTam
TamTam is a Middle Eastern-born musician based in Los Angeles, California. Her diverse background resonates deeply throughout her music, as her sound is cultivated by a rich combination of cultural and social themes. A hybrid of blues, pop, and Arabian influences, TamTam represents a cultural paradox. Her music speaks to many social challenges, including women's rights and social freedoms, and continues to inspire people from all walks of life. TamTam is a voice for an increasingly intimate global community, a voice for the new-age shift in human perspective.