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New Cloud-Based HR Software with Intuitive UI Boosts Selima's Growth


Sheffield, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- The popularity of Smartphones and tablets means ownership is expected to reach 43.4 million by 2017 in the UK.  This surge in popularity means the practice of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become increasingly common in the workplace; which in turn has created a need for applications that will work across multiple all devices and browsers.

Selima achieved just that with their cloud based HR system built on .NET; a Microsoft software framework that developers can use for the rapid development of applications.

Web-based applications like Selima's have numerous advantages such as a shorter implementation periods, cost savings and of course multi-device/platform accessibility. Security isn't compromised – the company adheres to strict ISO27001 standards and are audited annually.

Employees now want to use their own devices at work. They have powerful laptops, smartphones and tablets that they are familiar with, and they want to use them in place of the company's IT equipment.

Using Selima's HR software, employees can view payslips, book holidays, raise expense claims, and much more – all on their own devices, making it ideal for field based and remote workers.

Selima focused on creating an intuitive UI using a flat design which is consistent with modern standards and optimised for touch screen. Being a responsive application means it looks great on any device.  Drag and drop functionality makes the solution highly customisable and users can organise their dashboards to display all the key information they need at a glance.

Michael Parry, the Sales & Marketing Director at Selima , said: "When we create our software, we apply a level of design that is unparalleled in the industry.  This results in a user interface that is intuitive, easy to use and above all familiar to the user. This is because we take the best of what is out there and what employees are already using – Facebook, Amazon, iOS, Windows, on-line banking and we incorporate those design elements into our software. This means that when an employee uses it for the first time, it actually feels very familiar to them."

It is largely due to the effectiveness of the UI that Selima has seen large growth over recent years, experiencing 10% to 20% year-on-year growth. For 2015/16, the Company is forecasting over 30% growth. Selima are constantly focusing on innovation as well as challenging themselves to find better ways to work and to consistently provide the best experience for its users.

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