Molecover Launches New Website to Ship Premium Leather Moleskine Covers Worldwide

Molecover has created a new website to promote their products to audiences worldwide, offering premium leather bindings for Moleskine notebooks in a range of colors.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- The Moleskine notebook is considered the natural successor to the notebooks used by Vincent Van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway to capture their ideas, inspirations and rough drafts. As a result, the Moleskine notebook is now the perfect accompaniment to anyone with imagination and creativity. Given the value of the ideas held within, Moleskine notebooks are actually surprisingly vulnerable. Molecover - Leather Moleskine Covers, solves this issue by providing high quality leather covers to protect these popular notebooks. They have just launched a new website that will enable them to sell their product to customers worldwide.

Molecover is originally a North American company, and uses the highest quality leather to create book covers for a standard price, which are soft to the touch, stand out from the crowd and are hardwearing enough to withstand the rigors of every adventure. The product, with such a premium design, will doubtless appeal to its target market, this has already been proven with the products success in the North American market.

To celebrate their worldwide customer base, they have created a series of tanned leather notebook covers in colors inspired by some of the world's most famous landmarks. The covers have been collected in the Moleskine Cover Gallery - photographed in the Colosseum in Rome, in Angkor Wat, Cambodia, in Tokyo, Japan, Macchu Picchu, Peru and more.

A spokesperson for Molecover explained, "Our products have been created to take care of a most treasured possession. Something that is not as expensive as diamonds to buy, but becomes just as valuable as a repository for inspiration, guidance, and memories. The Molecover is designed to reflect the same design values as the Moleskine notebook itself, while extending them to be even more premium and original, helping owners stand out from the crowd and even start a conversation. These products are available to sheathe both small and large notebooks, ensuring there is a cover ideal for every person. We look forward to sending these around the world."

About Molecover
Molecover is based in Toronto, Ontario. They have been in business since 2009 and have sold thousands of leather Moleskine covers to clients all over the world. They cater to creative minds who want to set themselves apart using the Molecover as a conversation piece, while protecting their most treasured thoughts and ideas. For more information please visit: