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Gmail Fax Pro Publishes New Guide to Securing a Google Fax Number for Digital Faxing has created a new guide to securing a digital fax number for the Google Fax service, helping to make it easier than ever to secure the 21st century solution to faxing.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- Fax machines are a relic of the 20th century, and yet their ubiquity in offices guarantees that they continue to be used to this day. Fax machines however are inherently wasteful, using ink and paper when a digital copy would suffice. What's more, they drive up the cost of phone bills, sending data in a classic dial-up manner. Gmail Fax Pro is helping people discover an alternative; digital faxing through Google Drive. The site has just published a new guide as to how to take the crucial first step required in getting a digital fax: securing the number.

The guide ( provides actionable advice on how to source an online fax number and where to find them, including services for the US, Canada and the UK. The guide is written in easy to read plain English and provides a step by step guide that ensures users cannot go wrong.

As well as covering the how's, the guide also covers the why's, exploring some of the principal advantages of the digital fax over the traditional fax machine. Doing this allows businesses and individuals to see why the purchase of a digital fax number will be worthwhile.

A spokesperson for explained, "The digital fax number allows people to send and receive faxes as Google Docs, using Google Drive as the inbox and outbox. It enables individuals sending paper faxes to send them normally, but the recipient gets a digitized version of the fax as a PDF. It cuts down hugely on paper and streamlines everything into gmail, essentially making fax an extension of your email. This revolutionary system is gaining popularity every day, and we have created this new guide to ensure more people than ever see the advantages and seize them."

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