Creative Agency Pneuma33 Launches Campaign to Educate Business on Branding Importance

With 4-pronged plan, businesses should incorporate branding into their corporate plan from the start, says spokesperson


Bend, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- Defined as a name, term, sign, symbol or design with the intention of identifying goods or services of one particular seller, differentiating them from other sellers, the American Marketing Association gives a very strict definition of branding in today's evolving marketplace. However, according to James Kramer, spokesperson for the branding agency Pneuma33, the process is far more encompassing. "A brand should be seen as how the firm is perceived by their customers, not to mention the associations and inherent value they place on the business."

With this in mind, Kramer and his Advertising agency have launched a campaign to educate local businesses on the need for branding. Says Kramer, "When you're a start-up business, branding may seem like it can wait, coming in behind critical steps like funding and development of products. However, we can't emphasize enough how important branding is to a firm's success from day one. With all things being equal, it's as imperative as any of the early steps to building your business."

Kramer goes on to say, "We are on a quest to empower 1000 visions to change the world. If you're an innovator or visionary with an appetite to transform culture through your organization, then we want to meet you." Pneuma33, a branding agency, has instigated a 4-step process to help businesses initiate a brand for themselves. Explains Kramer, "Our creative blueprint sets the plan in action with a distinctive approach to branding that is made up of four core components to launch a brand: the Runway or discovery process, Ariel View or vision casting, the Flight Plan or concepts and creativity and the Launch or strategic marketing. Our approach is designed to build strong brands that impact the marketplace."

Educating the public is important to creative agency Pneuma33. Says Kramer, "Effective brand positioning is what empowers you to tell your story to your customers. It's the strategy constructed to present your brand, identity and message to the marketplace. From product naming and color palette to the eventual packaging and market placement, branding should be present, and businesses mindful of it from the beginning. We help businesses expand their brand in the marketplace via deliberate communication and strategic marketing."

Kramer encourages business owners to remember, "Branding is an organization's reason for being and how that reason is expressed through its various media to its target audiences, including not only customers, but also shareholders, employees and analysts."

About Pneuma33
Pneuma33 is an advertising agency that brings a distinctive approach to branding called the Creative Blueprint. Made up of four core components designed to launch a brand through creativity and collaboration, this firm engages their clients to be a part of the creative process. The Bend, OR firm prides itself on being a launching pad for passionate innovators and brands.