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Walk-in Shower Website Provides Consumers with Information on Luxury Bathing Suites


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- James Wilson announced that he's launched Walk-In Shower to assist individuals who want to install one of the modern additions in their home. Wilson provides readers with information about the different types of walk-in showers, do-it-yourself kits and the elements needed for homeowners to design and create their own.

"Walk-in showers are more than a place for daily hygiene," said Wilson. "They're a place to relax and a wide variety of features can be included in the design."

Walk-in showers come in a wide range of styles and can be set up in various ways. A walk-in shower can be installed as a stand-alone facility or as an alternative to traditional tub and shower combinations. Wilson provides examples of each type of walk-in shower, complete with explanations of each style.

High-end walk-in showers are typically designed with ceramic or granite tiles and often include a sunken tub or spa. Even a high-end tile walk-in shower can be installed by homeowners without the need to hire expensive contracting services.

Door-less walk in showers make optimum use of the available space and give the perception of wide open spaces. They have the added convenience of being extremely easy to clean and maintain. The style is popular among celebrities and can often be found in 5-star accommodations around the world.

Zen and spa type walk-in showers typically include soft pastels in the color scheme, with an emphasis on luxury features that enhance relaxation and stress reduction. They often include frameless glass in the design that allows individuals to take advantage of available lighting for cost reduction, though this type of design can be extremely expensive.

For those who want the convenience of a walk-in shower but don't have unlimited funds, a rustic theme offers beauty and style without a huge price tag. Natural colors and wood tones are emphasized that are aesthetically pleasing.

Homeowners can select a comprehensive array of features in their walk-in shower. In addition to frameless glass walls and reflective surfaces, walk-in showers can be outfitted with vertical spa system showerheads that simulate rain, multiple body jets and state-of-the-art controls that can be operated electronically or by voice recognition. Mood lighting and high-end sounds systems can be incorporated, along with eco-friendly showerheads.

The launch of Walk-in Shower provides individuals with valuable information about walk-in shower styles, kits and options for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Wilson provides a guide to walk-in showers that allows individuals to make informed decisions about their choice of walk-in shower.

For more information, visit Walk-In Shower online.

About Walk-In Showers
Walk-In Showers assists people build and install a new walk-in shower and information on how to set up a walk-in shower for their home. The site provides a guide to different types of walk-in showers, do-it-yourself kits and the many options and features that can be included in the design.

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