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Idaho Entrepreneur Develops a Healthy, High-Tech Home Fragrance System


Meridian, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- Have you ever been in a fancy hotel and noticed that the air has a fresh, pleasing scent?

Lonnie Kuenzli of Meridian, Idaho, has – and he wants to bring that pleasant fragrance to homes across the country. "We've come up with a high-tech and healthy way to scent your home," he explains.

"If you love the smell of real fresh squeezed Orange juice or the smell of a Lavender field in late spring and want to fill your home with exactly that, then we're your new solution for home scenting."

It's called Aura Scenting.

Kuenzli got the idea when staying in a Las Vegas resort hotel and has spent the last two years working with a technical and engineering team to develop a scenting system that is affordable and can be used in a residential setting.

One Aura system is controlled by an electronic setting device and hooks up to the home's HVAC equipment to dispense fragrance. The user can control the time the scent begins distribution and the strength of the fragrance. There is also a portable tower unit that plugs into the wall and dispenses the scent in a single room or area.

The scenting is produced by natural oils which come from the Kuenzli family business. Some fragrance companies add propylene glycol, a petro-chemical derivative made form propane, as an extender but the Aura system is pure and natural.

"Essential oils can be an effective remedy for anxiety while promoting relaxation, focus and creativity," says Kuenzli. "Our electronic setting system allows you to custom-tailor the scent for day and night. You can start with Valencia orange to energize and increase productivity during the day, then switch over to lavender as bedtime approaches to help you wind down."

The start-up budget for this project is $50,000, which will pay for a full a production run and professional marketing. In order to generate this capital, Kuenzli has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $20 contribution, backers will receive a 15 ml bottle of steam-distilled lavender oil with sample strips. A $40 pledge gets you a 4oz./118 ml lavender reed diffuser.

For $250, you can get a scent tower diffuser with cycle/day timer and a 325 ml canister of cold-pressed Valencia orange oil. A single HVAC diffuser is available for $500.

"Our family's 50-year history of producing essential oils, global relationships with other farms and technology allows us to bring a new level of scent variety with health consciousness in mind," says Kuenzli. "Electing to scent your home with natural essential oils is not only healthy, it supports agriculture, small business and families around the world."

For additional information, visit or the Aura website,

Kuenzli can be reached directly at

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