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Taxi Driver: New Novel Follows Trail of Murdered "Madam of D.C." - There's a Secret Code – But Will It Unlock Capitol Hill's Religious War?

Masterfully crafted by Mark C. Brown, ‘Taxi Driver’ follows the quest of one man and his cab, as he and a new female friend set out to discover who killed one of D.C.’s most frequented high-class call girls, and why none of the city’s top brass are now safe from bullets of their own. While of course fiction, Brown’s thought-provoking narrative raises very real questions about the current state of discord in the United States, and its bold relationship with Muslim extremism.


Quebec, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- "CM 12"; to many it is just two letters and two numbers that hold no real congruence to each other. For Gino, the protagonist in Mark C. Brown's thrilling new novel, it's a code that could be about to see him prevent the launch of a secret nuclear attack.

It all plays out in 'Taxi Driver', a novel as chilling and vivid as it is gripping.


Gino is an ordinary taxi driver in Washington D.C. picking up people of importance. Customers that go to the White House, people from the Pentagon, all high brass customers. Being curious of words, he picks up new words in conversations and then looks them up to increase his vocabulary. One day he hears something for which he cannot find a meaning, a secret code among people from the Pentagon. He tries to find out, but to no avail. One day he sees a woman with one of the high brass man he once picked up.

He receives a pick up one day and it is the woman he saw before. She is a lady of the night for the top brass men in the city. He gets to know her very well. One day they both read in the papers that a ''madam'', her boss, was killed in her condo. That of course triggers curiosity for Gino and his new friend Jessica. They are both on the quest of finding out who killed Catherine Swan, the madam of Washington D.C. They find out that Catherine Swan was close to the senator, too close.

Gino won't let go of his secret code - CM12- that he heard and is sure there is a link between the code and Catherine Swan and the senator. Jessica continues Catherine's job, being officially in charge of the Black Dalia Agency. She gets close to the senator until he gets killed himself.

Gino his sure that the senator knew about CM 12 and was silenced for that reason. Gino knows a few people that were in his cab that are ''in'' CM12. He thinks it is a committee of 12 people that are up to something. One day lending his cab to his younger brother, he get shot in the middle of the street. It was intended for him, of course. Now he is more determined to find out what CM12 is and who is responsible for his brother's death. After a few days of staying out of it, he finds himself being followed by a black car. Someone wants to get rid of him. He is too close to something but still doesn't know what that something is. Jessica and her girls are a tracking mode, to spy on their clients to find out anything about Catherine's shooting, the senator and Gino's brother.

"There's no denying that the United States is currently in the middle of a brutal religious war between the top brass in the Pentagon, Capitol Hill and Muslim countries," explains the author. "In fact many, including myself, believe that there are plans to secretly launch nuclear attacks on these nations – something many Americans actually support. This dilemma, along with the conspiracy the Pentagon has launched against its own weak, becomes the focal point of this gripping adventure."

Continuing, "Perhaps we are on the eve of this nuclear attack; something that would end this aggressive religious war once and for all. It's anyone's guess. But Gino, our maverick, is one man out to damask the instigators and stop them while there's still time. Is it a prophecy? We'll find out sooner or later!"

With demand for the book increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies without delay.

'Taxi Driver', from CreateSpace, is available now: http://amzn.to/1yvtBFY.

About Mark C. Brown
The author lives in Quebec.