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Reflections, Remorse, and Revelations: After Throwing out Her Portfolio, U.S. Author Makes Bold Comeback with Powerful Book of Light-Hearted Poetry

Masterfully crafted by Juanita Alexandria Davis, ‘Reflections, Remorse, and Revelations’ goes beyond its own title to present readers with a light and even at times whimsical glimpse at life from an eclectic stream of angles. For Davis, it’s something of a second-coming; she originally threw out her entire collection of poems after getting rejected by mainstream publishers. For the past three years she has been rebuilding her bibliography, with this volume forming her debut “best of”.


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- After often hundreds of publisher rejections, no writer is blamed for becoming disheartened about their work and the publishing process in general. While most take a short break or use the rejections as a catalyst for pumped-up determination, Baltimore's Juanita Alexandria Davis did something shockingly rash – she binned everything she had written.

But in 2012, Davis was overcome with that determination to give it a second shot. Having to start her collection from scratch, she has since compiled and finally published a light-hearted yet compelling collection of poems that captures readers' imagination through the author's now-hallmark brand of whim.

That collection is called 'Reflections, Remorse, and Revelations'. Pick it up with an open mind – life's lighter side is waiting.


Reflections, Remorse, and Revelations is a general poetry book, not concentrated in any one area. Its majority is "light" in content, especially in the beginning. As the book proceeds, there is a mix of silliness and seriousness to capture reader imagination. This poetry collection is appropriate for anyone teenage and older.

"About fifteen years ago I picked up my pen and began to write. I wanted to buck the trend of most overly-serious poets out there by crafting something much lighter and relatable to the average person," explains Davis. "I kept expectations realistic, created my work from a grassroots perspective but – when I got rejected by publishers – I literally threw every last page out."

Continuing, "Of course, I wish someone saw me do it and secretly saved my bibliography for me. I found myself back at square one with an empty slate – but saw it as a great opportunity to create verses more powerful than I'd ever created before. This collection is exactly that."

Davis admits to being an unlikely author.

"I wasn't exactly cut out in school to write. My handwriting is sloppy, my grammar requires intense editing – but I do feel I have a solid knack for looking at the world around me, questioning its idiosyncrasies and showcasing the lighter side of things that people usually miss. I know my audience is out there – and there are plenty more books to come!" she adds.

With demand for this first volume increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies without delay.

'Reflections, Remorse, and Revelations', from Strategic Book Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1yy8oeE

About Juanita Alexandria Davis
Juanita Alexandria Davis was raised in the Rehoboth Beach area of Delaware and now resides in Baltimore, Maryland. She is an admissions coordinator for a hospital. "The obstacle was coming up with enough poems to fill a book. I went on the Internet and asked how many poems should be in a poetry book. The answer was provided by a child. She said, "As many as your heart can handle," she says.