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Epic New Novel Sees Religion, Mythology and Sci-Fi Collide, as Select Group of Humans Are Saved from Disaster…Tasked to Right an Evolutionary Wrong

Masterfully crafted by Michael K. Paraiso, ‘The Nephilim Brood’ brings together the book of Revelation, ancient historical figures and a fierce dose of the future to see one group of ‘saved’ humans return the favor to all of humanity. While in no way a religious message, Paraiso’s bold and gripping narrative will have readers re-examining every thread of their existence.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- While Sci-Fi/Fantasy has long been a staple of the literary world, readers and critics are currently crying out for wholly unique new narratives that don't succumb to recycling of the 'same old' concepts. Thankfully, Michael K. Paraiso is stepping up to the plate with gusto, releasing a timeless new novel that fuses its genre's traditions with intricate fact.

'The Nephilim Brood' thrusts readers into a world about to destroyed, as one group of mavericks find themselves suddenly saved. But their plight is far from over – the fate of the 'new planet' now rests in their hands.


144,000 people including Shane Connell are abducted by aliens. They believe they've been kept in stasis and brought to the aliens' home planet; only to find out that their not on a planet at all, but aboard an enormous terrarium starship. They also learn that their alien captors are actually highly evolved humans; on a rescue mission to save them from impending disaster. There's a humongous asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Their mission is to transport a diverse segment of the earth human population to a new home planet in a far away galaxy. However humanity has taken a terrible wrong turn on this new planet and has split into two separate species. One species are pre-Neanderthal carnivores. The others are normal humans, as nature intended. The carnivorous creatures will eventually render the native humans extinct. So a third species, a small select group of earth humans that will include Shane Connell, will be sent through a wormhole hundreds of years in advance, on a mission to try and right this evolutionary wrong. They are The Nephilim Brood… Shane rescues Lashena, a beautiful native woman, from certain death at the hands of the carnivorous creatures. They spend time living together in erotic bliss and fall madly in love. Shane discovers a deadly poisonous plant and teaches the natives archery and the art of the poisonous booby trap. Heavily outnumbered, against all odds and after many hard fought battles; the combined army of native and earth humans finally defeat the bloodthirsty pre-Neanderthal creatures in an epic battle for the ages.

"Well I am in no way pushing a religious agenda, much of the narrative was directly inspired by scripture and, I do fuse these elements with real-world history and ancient figures to keep readers engaged in this compelling story," explains Paraiso.

Continuing, "I originally thought the narrative up in my sleep, right after a Florida hurricane. I woke up in a pool of sweat as someone fired up a chainsaw to start clearing up the fallen trees in our neighborhood. I was left frantically trying to write my dream down before I forgot it. Many years had passed and I suddenly had the desire to write this epic tail; that dream is now being published to the world in the form of my new novel, The Nephilim Brood."

'The Nephilim Brood', from Paradice Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1E1pn5h

About Michael K Paraiso
Michael K Paraiso was born in Chicago Ill in 1962 and grew up in Miami FL. He was diagnosed and had to overcome dyslexia and, was hospitalized with juvenile diabetes at the age of sixteen. He was a drummer and songwriter for several garage rock bands in the early eighties. Michael married wife Karen in 1988, had daughter Nicole in August of 1994. He's an accomplished expert in the electronic security industry.