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Supercell Shelters Announces Storm Shelters Available This Season


Madison, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- Summer is the season for warm weather, vacations and spending time with family. However, summer also brings dangerous storms and tornadoes. When the skies darken, homeowners need a plan that they can act on quickly. In order to keep homeowners and their families safe, Supercell Shelters is available to install storm shelters.

Storms strike with little warning, and installing a storm shelter well ahead of storm season ensures that families have a safe place to go to when they are beset by an unexpected storm. Supercell Shelters has a variety of shelter types and sizes so that any family can find a model that suits their needs. They have in-ground shelters available that can fit anywhere from six to twelve people, as well as above-ground shelters that fit anywhere from five to thirteen people. Supercell Shelters also manufactures community shelters for schools and businesses that make it a priority to protect community members when violent storms and tornadoes strike.

Each shelter from Supercell Shelters is built to meet the highest standards of safety and convenience. The company oversees each aspect of the design, building and installation process. Each shelter must undergo a rigorous battery of safety tests, including the Texas Tech Wind Science Research institute's Debris Impact test, which guarantees that shelters can withstand the 250 MPH winds of an EF-5 tornado. Shelters are proven and tested by Texas Tech Wind Science Research Institute. Their features include battery powered ventilation and interior lighting, removable steps and handrails for accessibility and 10-gauge steel walls. Supercell Shelters also offers financing plans, so that families can access a shelter quickly.

Storm season is approaching quickly. Homeowners are advised to prepare themselves for it by calling Supercell Shelters immediately at either 256-837-2924 (Madison, AL) or 662-678-3030 (Tupelo, MS).

About Supercell Shelters
Supercell Shelters has over fifty years' experience in designing, building and installing storm shelters for families and communities. Their shelters are built to the highest standards of safety and integrity for homeowners who want to take proper precautions for storm season. They manufacture in-ground, above-ground and community shelters that are strong, safe and affordable.

For more information, customers can visit the Supercell Shelters at their showroom locations in either Madison, Alabama or Tupelo, Missouri. They can also visit the company's website at