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Advice on Lice, Inc. Now Provides Services of Head Lice Treatment in Washington DC


Kensington, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- In order to maintain their position as the leading provider of lice treatment, Advice on Lice, Inc. now provides the services of Head Lice Treatment in Washington DC. Customers can count on the methods applied by the company's expert team as they are well-known for providing the best treatment for lice. The company, Advice on Lice, Inc. has developed a routine method for treating head lice that is done in three simple steps. The first step involves manually screening the hair for nits and lice. In the second step, they apply lice killing shampoo and in the last step non-toxic treatment conditioner shocks the nits and lice out of the hair.

Advice on Lice, Inc. is a well-recognized name when it comes to providing the most reliable lice treatment service in Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland. The company was started in November 2007 with an aim to provide individuals with effective solutions for head lice removal. For optimum satisfaction of customers, the company utilizes safe treatment methods and is recognized for applying sensible techniques to facilitate the removal of lice and nits. Besides providing head lice treatment, the company also offers the services of Lice Lady treatment at affordable prices.

Talking more about their services of head lice, one of the representatives from the company stated, "Our Head Lice Treatment Center in MD offers a comprehensive head lice removal procedure. Our procedure may begin with the application of either an over the counter lice killing shampoo (Rid), or Lice MD non-pesticide lice eliminating treatment, followed by a complete rinse out and thorough comb out to remove the nits (eggs). If at home applications have been done within 3-5 days we offer full comb outs to ensure the head lice and nits have been removed."

About Advice on Lice
Advice on Lice, Inc. was officially established in November of 2007, but the work of the company began at least ten years before. It started as a personal mission for Karen Franco who volunteered in any programs children attended to help screen for head lice to prevent outbreaks. Advice on Lice is where visitors receive comprehensive information. Through the years, Advice on Lice has established a knowledge of the condition and how best to treat it to accomplish eradication.

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