Top Company Named on Medical Alert Systems Ranks Medical Guardian as Top Medical Alert Company


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- The Medical Alert Systems category on (TBC) has recently named Medical Guardian as the number one ranked company in the industry. This has come after a complete overhaul of the ranking criteria. (TBC) just recently redid their ranking criteria for the medical alerts category and found Medical Guardian to be the number one ranked company. Whenever changes occur to the ranking criteria, there are possibilities that companies can rank higher or even rank lower. Medical Guardian has held strong with the number one spot because of the following criteria that include (but not limited to):

Battery Life
Medical Alerts

Medical Guardian brings top notch service and ranks high in each of the criteria listed above. TBC regularly updates company reviews, criterion, and any additional information. This is done so that the most relevant and unbiased information is available to the interested consumer.

Medical Guardian has proven, once again, that they are the company to work with for medical alert systems. They strive to give the best product and service to those in need.

"Medical Guardian was built on a foundation of affordability and reliability. We believe that everyone who needs a medical alert device should have access to great service, regardless of limitations," says Medical Guardian CEO Geoff Gross.

In order to understand the significance of Medical Guardian maintaining the number one spot requires a little more information about TBC.

TBC stands out as a review site unlike any other. Not only does TBC use expert reviews as well as consumer reviews. This gives consumers an even playing field to express their past experiences (whether good or bad). TBC monitors consumer comments with their comment moderation process. This moderation process ensures that the responses are from real people.

"As you can probably tell, we take our user review moderation process very seriously. We believe accuracy and authenticity is critical when it comes to user reviews, and as a result we are constantly finding new ways to evolve our user moderation process to make it better," says website manager Amber Newby.

The combination of expert and consumer reviews are a critical process that makes TBC different from the rest. This also means, for a company to be highly ranked–they must prove their services with both experts and consumers that use them.

TBC is not just a site for the people but a site for the company too. For companies who offer exceptional service and have a loyal customer base–this site gives them a voice and advertising. Essentially, it allows their service to speak for itself.

TBC will continue to review and rank top companies in the medical alert industry to provide the interested customer with the best options for them. In the meantime, for those in need of medical alert systems, Medical Guardian comes highly recommended.

About (TBC) is a review site that gathers all the information consumers want to know about companies. TBC uses their team of experts to research and review companies with its proprietary 11-point ranking criteria. Along with expert reviews, TBC allows customers to share their insight, experience and reviews on the companies.

For more information on Medical Alert Systems, please visit: Medical Guardian

Marcia Wheadon
Content Management Specialist