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Newly Launched Blog Site Offers Advice for Women Battling Infertility


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- is a blog that has been recently launched for the sole purpose of helping couples with infertility issues and parenting issues. The website has shared much information to help women who are fighting infertility; this information lays emphasis on the different natural ways of dealing with infertility issues which most people agree is the best way to tackle infertility.

For many couples, trying to conceive can be a stressful process which can take a toll on the couples. writers believe that this can be a contributing factor in failure to conceive and to avoid this from happening, couples should equip themselves with helpful information which will prevent them from taking any drastic measures.

The blog explains: "If you are trying to conceive, there surely is no better way than doing it naturally. This should be the first and preferable method as other alternatives may bring with them some unintended and even unwanted side effects. In order to do this, you have to keep in mind a few simple things."

In a recent post titled"The Best Time to Have Sex if you're trying to conceive a Baby" ( the writers discuss the sign of ovulation because conception has a lot to do with timing in the women's body. Chances of conceiving are generally higher when one to two days before women begin ovulating and during the time of the ovulation it is also advised that couples have as much sex as possible during this time.

The topic of ovulation has been discussed in more depth in other posts due to the importance of this phase in the cycle and the use of ovulation calendars and calculators. Ovulation calculators are a way of monitor what is going on with a woman's cycle month to month, they can help women in determining a pattern and recognizing the time they are at their most fertile phase.

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As a last resort, couples facing infertility problems may choose to go with Medication-Aided Pregnancy ( The Parenting Helpers believe that this method should only be adopted when all other natural and safe ways of conceiving have been exhausted, their piece on the subject aims to educate women about the various medications used to treat infertility, their affect and success rates.

The blog The is by a group of women who have battled infertility and won, the blog is their way of sharing their journey, experiences and the knowledge that they have picked up along the way, to all women out there who are facing the same challenge that they had a few years ago. This is the main reason and sole purpose for creating this blog.

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