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Maple Grove, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- The evolution of the earth and the various geographical features that can be seen hold a large amount of history and activities associated with it. With the movement of tectonic activities and changes in the atmosphere, a number of landforms have come into existence such as continents, oceans, deserts, mountains, canyons, cliffs, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, islands, plains, swamps, forests, volcanoes and much more. Out of the other landforms, volcanoes are one of the most prominent geographical features. World landforms, a well-known online informative portal, provides composite volcano information i.e. details about their eruption along with information about other kinds of volcanoes.

This online portal provides information about various kinds of geographical activities. Talking about volcanoes, one of the representatives of World landforms stated, "On our planet's surface, or the earth's crust, there are openings or ruptures that allow volcanic ashes, different gases and hot magma to escape. These features are generally known as volcanoes. When the tectonic plates converge or diverge, volcanic eruptions take place. The various types of volcanoes that can be found in nature are composite volcanoes, shield volcanoes, cinder cones, spatter cones and complex volcanoes."

Composite volcanoes can also be called strata-volcanoes because of their layered structure and composite strata. The layers form because of the eruptive materials. They form due to multiple volcanic eruptions over several thousand years. They are conical in shape and tall, which forms as hot and molten lava ruptures through the earth's crust and flows downward. The composite cones are formed due to andesite magma. These kinds of volcanoes are periodic and explode quietly. These landforms are found along the Pacific Rim due to which it is known as the rim of fire.

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