Marie-Claire Camp Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Complete the Creation of Children's Wallet Cards

Marie-Claire Camp, the owner and founder of SO Awesome, has been the architect of two successful Kickstarter campaigns in the last few years. She has just launched yet another Kickstarter campaign to create four new sets of wallet-sized cards called Children's Wallet Cards.


Grand Rapids, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- The objective of this campaign is to create four new decks of wallet-sized cards for children named Children's Wallet Cards. These cards are modern, durable, and perfectly designed for the kids to play with. Marie-Claire Camp's company SO Awesome has already produced five similar sets of cards over the last few years, thanks to two successful Kickstarter campaigns. They are back in Kickstarter to seek support for the creation of four new sets named Emotions, Seasons, Pets and House.

The cards created by SO Awesome resemble credit cards in terms of their material and size. Child safety is always taken into account while creating these cards by only using materials that are US made, kid-safe, and non-toxic. These cards have also been third-party tested for durability.

Children's Wallet Cards is a very special project for SO Awesome because for the first time ever, photography will play a serious part in their cards. Out of the four new decks, Emotions will be the largest and the most challenging deck ever made by the company. These thirty-six cards will feature photography and illustration on its two sides. This deck is intended to improve the children's social-emotional skills by introducing them to a wide range of human emotions.

'Seasons' will be a small deck comprising of eight illustrations of four cards. One side of the cards will have landscapes representing each season. Whereas, the other side will show how a child can dress appropriately for that particular season. This deck will help children understand the change of seasons.

The deck named 'Pets' will consist of twelve cards and twenty-four illustrations on twelve pets and how to take care of them. The intention of creating this deck is to assist children understand the importance of caring for an animal. The House deck represents the different rooms in a home with nine original illustrations. Organizing the cards in this deck, children can build new houses, find out new objects, and unearth hidden surprises in each room.

Marie-Claire Camp's funding requirement for this project is $63,375, and this amount needs to be raised by April 29.

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