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Japanese TBS Introduced Airwheel Electric Monocycle in Their "&Happy" Show

Airwheel Monocycle as a User-Friendly, Stylish and Efficient Mode of Transportation


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Television, Japan's popular private TV media with international fame has recently organized an event known as the "&Happy" in Sydney, Australia. During the event, the organizers introduced the Airwheel's Electric Monocycle which became an instant highlight of the activity. During the activity a man was interviewed who said that he liked conquering challenges and that was why he bought a set of Airwheel electric monocycle. And over the period he became a pro and is now able to steer the monocycle smoothly and confidently. "I found the device excellent on internet. Immediately, I knew I wanted it by the way", said the man.

This man was a tech enthusiast and the way he expressed his liking for Airwheel electric monocycle it was evident that he was obsessed by it from the very first time he laid eyes on it. The Airwheel Electric Monocycle from the X-Series in one of the classic models from the entire Airwheel range. It was first launched in 2013 thereby paving way to a new era of electric monocycle. Airwheel is best known for offering products that are not only user friendly and eco-friendly but offering designs that are trendy, cool and compact.

This model can be seen as a single-wheeled scooter structure and which is most preferred by adventure seekers. It may not be an easy ride initially but with practice and skill, one can actually become a pro and use this model with utmost ease combined with comfort and style. This model is an excellent way of commuting to school or college. The riders of this model will find it very agile and can maneuver it easily round the corners. There is everything in this scooter which youngsters look for. They can perform fancy tricks, turn into circles, sit on it while rolling, and push a car while rolling on the scooter and many more such tricks.

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Airwheel Technology, was established in the year 2004 with an aim to offer eco-friendly and customer-oriented products. The company had introduced Airwheel self-balancing scooters, unicycles and monocycles. Airwheel is currently the leader in portable transport industry and released a variety of models in X-Series, Q-Series and S-Series.

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