BYStudio Shares Important Small Business Branding Tips with Project Echo Entreprenuers

How can you stand out from the crowd and build a brand that people will recognize, identify with and tell their friends about? Here are 7 important small business branding tips to help your brand achieve top-of-mind awareness with your audience.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- Barbara Yeh, brand strategist at BYStudio branding agency in Los Angeles, recently participated as a judge at Project Echo's 11th annual business plan competition where she offered small business branding tips to participating entrepreneurs. Project ECHO is a unique competition where judges evaluate the entrepreneur's business plans and the persuasiveness of each pitch presentation.

Barbara offered the following 5 important branding tips for small business entrepreneurs.

Write a compelling mission and vision statement. A vision statement reflects your company's hopes and dreams for the future. A mission statement is more practical and describes just what your company does and why it does it. Think about the value you provide to your customers and then write a clear and concise vision and mission statement.

Differentiate yourself from your competition. Strong and enduring brands are distinct from their competitors. Be daring and something, and above all else, don't try to be all things for all people. Remember that it is very powerful to be seen as an expert. Being an expert will help you stand out and charge more for your products or services.

Live your brand. Sometimes businesses don't live up to the expectations of their company branding. Yet, one of the primary drivers of brand loyalty has found to be a consistent brand experience. When you do what you say you are going to do and focus on how you and your employees interact with customers – you are truly living your brand. Positive experiences with your brand lead to good feelings which can then lead to word of mouth exposure for your business.

Hire a professional logo designer. A professional logo that can be easily recognizable in small formats such as social media profile profiles will help your fans identify with your business more easily. A high quality logo design is a critical step in building a strong brand design that will connect with your loyal customers.

Develop a professional website. A professionally designed website with an integrated brand design will help elevate your business from the competition. Your website also needs to be mobile responsive. In fact, Google has rolled out an algorithmic update that now uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. That means that if your website is not mobile phone friendly, your businesses ranking will be lower than your competitor's mobile-friendly website.

Brand design is critical to your company's long term success yet many people think that branding is just a logo and tagline. In fact, successful branding is really about identifying with the needs of your target market and ensuring that they relate to the values of your business more than your competitor's. As the often recited quote says, "the customer is always right."

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