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Barrister Stewart Patterson Warns Spike in Court Fees Make Arbitration the Best Option for Many Clients

On the 9th of March, the fees for bringing a case to Court spiked, and Barrister Stewart Patterson recommends mediation and arbitration as a superior recourse in light of this change.


Winchester, Hampshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- Seeking justice used to be relatively straight forward, but the process is being monetized at an alarming rate. On Monday 9th of March 2015, the legal system crossed a watershed with a sharp rise in the cost of taking a case to court. For claims between £5,000 and £10,000 it now costs £455 just to file the case in court, and claims above £10,000 cost 5% of the claim amount. This punishing cost leaves the most vulnerable unable to seek recourse, leading Stewart Patterson to recommend Arbitration and Mediation Services as an alternative in a new editorial on his website.

His post first outlines the punishing costs of the 2015 UK Court fee increases, explaining that a claim for £200,000 now costs £10,000 just to get started. Factoring additional costs for legal representation, paying for an opponent's legal costs should they lose, and further applications to the court, the current system drains too much from the process.

As an alternative Patterson claims mediation and arbitration services provide a comparatively cost effective recourse, with both parties agreeing to abide by the agreement reached up front, and independent assessors creating a solution that is fair and balanced. The process is far quicker, and requires far less red tape and expense, while still being legally binding.

A spokesperson for Stewart Patterson explained, "These increased fees are a new way to make the court system less accessible to many in our society, while generating huge revenues on the back of people's right to seek redress for wrongdoing. As such, we aim to promote alternatives that will give people the justice they seek without feeding this system, and mediation and arbitration provide an ideal solution. We look forward to hearing from potential clients and discussing how we can help."

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Stewart is a highly experienced, well respected barrister specialising in construction, engineering, fraud, property and business law. Daily, he brings his weighty skills and knowledge to bear in support of all his clients. For many years he has represented both Corporate and Personal clients in court as well as being a highly qualified and successful arbitrator and mediator, active in Hampshire, London and Swindon.

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