Registered Personal Trainer Makes Hundreds of 'House Calls' Daily

Exercise Professional Finds Way Into Fitness Conscious Homes.


Portsmouth, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- Ollie Kerr, Registered Exercise Professional with a BA(Hons), has finalized plans to bring his automated personalized fitness plans to the world. Research and development for the project has been underway since last year, and is now complete. Confirmed launch date is Spring of 2015.

Best Personal Trainer on the Web

Ollie Kerr, a UK Level-3 Registered Exercise Professional specializing in nutrition for weight loss, sports conditioning, and GP exercise referral, has put his company, Mi-trainer, into top gear. The service centers around an all-new concept of customized customer workouts on the go with an online account. Clients get unlimited messaging with a certified personal trainer, along with consultations via telephone and Skype. This enables Ollie to get up close and personal with his customers and tailor their online personal training plans with constant feedback. Mr. Kerr says that it all costs less per month than most trainers charge per hour.

A New Fitness Model

Kerr emphasizes that persistence is the key to success in any fitness program. He looked for a convenient way to help busy people stay committed to their exercise regimens. The more he talked to his computer programmer chums, the more he realized that today's world is all about accessibility: Access to the technology, but more importantly, access to professionals. "People get lonely." Says Kerr. "People like the concept of the gym, but they don't really like the gym because it's smelly, crowded, and costly." He states that the reaction to Mi-trainer has been overwhelming, forcing him to expand his team. Now, it might not be just him who pops up on the screen when a customer dials in, but one of the many qualified exercise professionals standing by. The service is available on the web and through a mobile app, 24/7, through a single user account. Plans start as low as $0.89 per day, and include an initial fitness assessment and telephone consultation, video-guided customized workouts, progress tracking, a nutritional analysis, Skype consultations, and much more. "I love interacting with the clients." Says Ollie. "I can't get enough of seeing people smile when they sweat. I try to make them laugh. It's all in a day's workout."

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