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Pest Control Center Announces New, Free, No-Obligation Five-Point Vulnerability Audit

Quick, convenient, no-pressure examination helps residents and businesses catch termites and other pest problems before they take root and do damage, Pest Control Center reports


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- With termite swarm season underway, Pest Control Center announced the availability of a Free Five-Point Pest Vulnerability Audit throughout the company's service area. This simple, free, no-pressure examination is the single best way to ensure that a home or business premises remains free of termites and to guard against the costly damage they and other pests can do. Since 1986, Pest Control Center has been one of Northern California's leading pest control specialists, helping over 4,000 families and businesses rid their valuable properties of termites, rodents, and other destructive pests.

"Termites may be tiny, but the damage they can do is enormous and expensive," Pest Control Center representative Debi Carpadus observed, "As they begin to swarm this year, our new pest vulnerability audit will help homeowners and commercial clients ensure that these ravenous pests do not get a chance to take hold. As always, our expert technicians deliver honest, accurate results, with nothing in the way of pressure tactics."

Consuming as much as 3% of their body weight in wood every day, termites are a menace to buildings throughout North America. Although they are often hard to detect throughout much of the year, termites regularly make themselves known in springtime, when warmer temperatures and rainfall provoke them into emerging from their colonies to seek new lodgings.

This annual spurt of activity is one of the most visible signs of an insect that causes billions of dollars worth of damage in the United States every year as it gnaws its way into over 600,000 homes and other buildings. Being prepared for the yearly swarm is one of the best ways of all of ensuring that termites do not infest a particular home or business location, with experts often being able to identify weaknesses that can be addressed.

With a nearly 30-year history of addressing these issues and more, Pest Control Center is uniquely well positioned to offer up this valuable kind of assistance. The company's new, free five-point pest audit will help those who take advantage of it ward off the threats posed by termites, mice, and any other destructive pests.

With a no-pressure approach that reflects the company's commitment to providing real relief from pest problems and building enduring relationships with clients, experienced Pest Control Center technicians can often assess a property in a matter of minutes. As detailed at the company's website in the "Services We Offer" section, Pest Control Center is also Northern California's top source for pest remediation and damage repair. For any kind of pest problem, whether potential or existing, then, Pest Control Center is the first company to call.

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