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Estate sales will likely increase in frequency thanks to an aging population, yet one may choose to hold an estate sale due to bankrupcty, relocation or a divorce, reports


McAllen, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- Approximately 250,000 individuals turn 65 each month in America, according to AARP. As the average life span is 78.8 years, as reported by USA Today, individuals will be seeing more estate sales over the coming decades. Estate sales encompass more than just the selling of a departed individual's goods, however. An estate sale may be held during a divorce, as part of a bankruptcy or when one is moving to a new residence, and individuals need to take care when choosing an estate sale provider to ensure they are being treated fairly.

"Individuals may be tempted to run their own estate sale, whether they are selling off their personal possessions or those of a loved one. The problem with doing so is many aren't versed in personal property appraisal. This may lead to a loss in sales or a loss in profits, as one may underprice goods and not receive their fair value or overprice them so they don't sell," Andrew Smith, spokesperson for Estate Sales by Riverzedge, explains.

Before the sale takes place, clients may request a personal property appraisal. Andrew Smith is certified by Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA) to ensure the process is handled fairly and a detailed inventory of the contents of the home and property is completed. This inventory provides information on the item, its location, and its fair market value, along with appraisal details and a summary report.

"One may use the appraisal process for other purposes also. Some turn to Estate Sales by Riverzedge for insurance purposes, when they will be donating a large quantity of items or during a divorce. Bankruptcy and tax purposes are two other reasons to do so. The appraisal is conducted on site and the two-man team works to avoid any disruptions. Many find this service to be extremely helpful," Smith continues.

Estate Sales by Riverzedge conducts an estate liquidation sale with two goals in mind. The company strives to sell every item offered to buyers and maximize the proceeds while doing so. They handle the sorting, organizing, donating and packing of goods so the person requesting the sale doesn't have to and all items undergo the appraisal process to ensure fair prices. In addition, the company ensures the sale is properly staffed so customers have the information they need when considering a purchase.

"The goal is to make the process easy for all involved. The company receives a percentage of the proceeds, therefore they work to get the best price for every item. The individual requesting the sale receives payment within three days and can view the records of the estate liquidation during the sale and for a period of ten days after the sale is conducted. Contact Estate Sales by Riverzedge today to learn more about how our company can be of help to you," Smith states.

About Estate Sales by Riverzedge
Andrew and Jane Smith founded Estate Sales by Riverzedge to share their unique perspective of the local market when it comes to vintage and resale items. Andrew has been certified by Certified Appraisers Guild of America and can accurately determine the fair market value of various items. The company often travels to other markets to keep abreast of current trends in estate sales and understands the complexities of the re-sale business.