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First Response Advises Seniors on the 5 Key Features Needed when Choosing a Medical Alarm Device


Brewster, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2015 -- First Response, America's leading authority and nationwide provider of personal emergency response systems for independent seniors, has released an updated consumer guide as part of the company's continuing online education blog series. Choosing the best medical alert system for a senior or individual with a chronic medical condition has never been more of a challenge. With recent advancements in medical alarm technology, consumers are now faced with a broader selection of medical alert systems and devices to choose from than ever before.

Scott Hazlewood, Director of Client Services USA for First Response states, "The medical alert system industry has been relatively slow to adapt to new and emerging technologies as compared to the automobile and telecommunications industries." Mr. Hazlewood further states, "Now that our industry has wholeheartedly adopted GPS tracking, cellular communication and related mobile applications integrated into our monitoring and alarm devices, consumers are now presented with a wider selection of reliable, high-performance products and services. It's only going to get better."

Selecting an elderly emergency alert system that is a perfect match to a senior's personal lifestyle, financial budget and technical proficiency is a delicate balance amongst these three areas of concern. First Response, by way of its online educational blog series and live, toll-free customer service center, advises consumers to consider lifestyle as the first major step in researching an emergency alarm system.

Greg Ribaudo, Chief Technology Officer for First Response advises, "Define the user's lifestyle first and medical need or monitoring, second. If the user spends the majority of their time at home, focus on a land line system for the home and property. If mobility is a primary concern, consider a GPS tracking and wireless, portable device that you can take anywhere. Once you define these requirements, it is always prudent to contact a national provider to discuss more specific details and budget."

Seniors and individuals that are prone to fall, for example, have never been in a better position to take advantage of the recent advancements in medical alarm system technology. New and emerging applications such as fall detection and auto alarm alert are now becoming standard in mobile, portable devices that can be worn as an accessory.

Strongly consider whether the technology, device features and related maintenance (i.e. daily charging of the unit) is compatible with the user's technical proficiency. If seniors, for example, use a cell phone on a fairly regular basis, then adapting to a more portable, mobile device should not be a challenge. For fashion-conscious individuals, functionality is now mixing with design to further enhance the look and feel of these wearable emergency alarm devices.

As exciting as these recent technical advancements are to First Response System and the systems they provide to their valued clients nationwide, the company's website and attendant call center specialists still advise consumers the traditional land line and cellular dialer systems (for the home and property) are considered the best value when combining performance, reliability and budget. The company welcomes all consumer inquiries to discuss systems, features, monitoring, response protocols, pricing and more.

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