DaoNow Tea Tumblers

DaoNow Tea Tumblers Introduces New Handcrafted Tea Tumblers


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- The beverage holder company, DaoNow Tea Tumblers, is pleased to introduce their new product to the market. DaoNow Tea Tumblers retails beautifully designed, handcrafted tea tumblers that provide an easy method for convenient tea drinking. Dedicated tea drinkers looking for a portable solution for carrying tea will find satisfaction in the tea tumblers offered by the company. The products are limited edition and are made out of luxury materials for easy grasping and drinking. Customers are invited to order a tea tumbler, which comes in three different designs.

The tea tumblers sell for $60 each and are available in three designs – the Stone, the Emperor and the Dragon. People who love drinking tea will enjoy that the tumblers do not spill, as well as the gorgeous structure and intricate exterior of the beverage holders. Working in the office, or relaxing at home, the tea tumblers accent the room as they hold and infuse tea. The tumblers have a vacuum insulation made out of stainless steel that keeps the tea hot for hours. Customers won't have to worry about spilling their tea because the tumblers are built with a leak-proof lid that screws on and off. For car rides, the tumblers easily fit into small cup holders.

Inside of the tumblers is an all-natural ceramic lining that is free of harmful metals and BPA. The tumblers have a loose tea strainer with a 10 ounce capacity to eliminate the hassle of using an infuser. Those who like to practice peace and tranquility as avid tea drinkers will find the tea tumbler highly beneficial. DaoNow Tea Tumblers are upscale, high-quality beverage containers that are produced in limited quantities. To order a DaoNow Tea Tumbler, customers can purchase them from the company's website using the online checkout system.

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About DaoNow Tea Tumblers
DaoNow Tea Tumblers is a brand of portable tea cups that are handcrafted and designed. The tumblers are a drinking vessel that carries tea on-the-go. The company developed the product by exploring new ways to drink tea since the art of tea drinking has evolved over the years. All tumblers come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a warranty of one year.

For more information about this company, please visit http://www.daonowteatumblers.com.