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BridgeWorks, LLC Now Offering VDM QuickView Application Subscriptions


Crown Point, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- Users who prefer to have instant access to their database information can find satisfaction in the VDM QuickView application offered at BridgeWorks, LLC. The company specializes in providing a reporting and query tool for businesses that organizes information and produces professional, complete reports. The subscription allows industries to schedule their views to run anytime, build customized interactive dashboards, create advanced charts, find information promptly and more. BridgeWorks, LLC, is pleased to announce that their reporting tool subscription is available for purchase; companies are invited to sign up for a free trial of the application.

ODBC and OLEDB compliant Oracle and Cache databases, as well as Microsoft SQL databases, work with the VDM QuickView platform so that complicated SQL scripting does not need to be learned. With the subscription, businesses do not have to work from a command line interface when accessing their database. BridgeWorks, LLC, offers professional services for their VDM application such as training, personalized assistance and content creation. Customers can learn about VDM QuickView independently by taking the free online training courses available on the company website.

To obtain a free trial of the VDM QuickView, customers can register online by visiting the company website or by calling 855-832-6836. The application is an affordable solution for retrieving and reporting on your data as a monthly subscription. To purchase and download the subscription, users must have their computer registered to a Platform Access License offered on the BridgeWorks, LLC website.

For more information on the VDM QuickView application subscription offered by BridgeWorks, LLC, please visit their website.

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BridgeWorks, LLC is a group of data professionals and report writers that develop reporting software tools for businesses. The company assists businesses with building a platform that allows easy access to information. The software product that is produced provides organization through a digital platform that generates reports. The team's area of expertise includes data mining, SQL query, reporting, and more.

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